A Shout.

It is a shout

baseless in and out

all years throughout.


agitation. Poetry

What for the agitation?

A flash strike there arose

placards and slogans came forth

the shouts went up  the sky

the anger came from nowhere

the strikers marched forward

held the traffic for a time

the city  turned stand still

what for is the strike?

nobody knew for true

the pedestrians joined the queue

the drivers alighted from the vehicle

up the strikers went ahead

shouting with a fury more so

their eyes all red with fire

voices turned hoarse

Go away! Go away!

cried the agitators

the police came

burst teargas

the crowd fled

it was all over

in  a few minutes time


no one knew

who was the target?

None knows.


The Tropics

The sunshine ever so bright

always scorching right

keeps one warm and humid

renders one meek and timid

not anything to do with character

all through depends on the weather

perspiration and fatigue are a deviant

drive one far away from the event

paralyse they populationto the core

never allows one to reach the fore

that be the destiny of us

who live in tropics in a buzz

where the population teems

the sound of life is in screams

yet we survive between the droughts

Well! it could be our stoicism stout.


My Cook Contradicts

Arguments with my cook
go on forever and ever
today it started off
for a simple issue of sugar
I lose my temper in the quick
spell out bitter words
while he gets worked up
and grumbles to himself
It starts in a way
when I say with anger
I gave a cup of sugar
only yesterday
he refutes quickly
with a retort sharp
saying it was day before yesterday
emphasises each and every word
that too in tone high
with a pause and a drag
infuriates me very badly
cookI shout at him
and he keeps on mumbling
the hour turns unpleasant
as the sugar loses its sweetness
and becomes stale and tasteless.


The Protests

protestsThe protests down the lane
shouting has become profane
objections are to be raised
need not become a pursuit.

An agitation there may be in form
could be silent and firm not in storm
requiring no chaos and dilemma
the gravity should be made to be felt.

The mere anger and cries there be
could no longer bring change in the alibi
working out on a pact that strikes
and knocks the doors of the programs.

Following it up in great punctuality
executing the design with balanced itinerary
leads to a classic destination of progress
ensuing a thrive and prosperity in the sojourn


The Man Yells.

He is in delirium

with the high feverishness

might be out of a tedium

also be of an awareness.


He who has not been doing well

lately in business and relations

with hs fortunes  pulling into a shell

his mind being tormented with affectations.


Knowing that men howl

when they face  any onslaught

be that of failure in all

that could not be fought .


He being not the one  great

subjected he be to decisions

which make him wriggle in a rate

leading him to manifold aberration

One such being anger extreme

shouting and yelling  during crisis

with shattering of all his dreams

he sinks into a depression in an axis.

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Recovery would be slow

as he has to train up his mind

with his pockets  wholly hollow

he is seeking a new find.


An Irrelevant Man

A man out there
with a sonorous voice
cries foul awful with a glare
revelling in immense rejoice.

He alleges and accuses
what not and what for
tracing faults in every cause
assuring a progress not far.

He bursts out with a craze
over simple things all the more
his eyes are on a chase
knocking everything with a roar.

Never once he speaks less nor low
always on the top and high
taking the upper hand not in the go
but demanding all in a buy.

That be him in all relevance
aligning with him is not worthy
going with him is always a nuisance
as he is up with a game dirty.





The Win And After

There was a shout
be that of anything out
that be of nothing stout
but being of  a great win out.

The noise rose high
perhaps it went up the sky
hastening the birds to fly
win and after as they felt shy.

The sound was so deep
made everyone leap
they jumped very steep
tears coming out in a weep.

The crowd getting jittery
they started behaving  quirky
there  arose a tension jerky
creating a chaos and turning murky.

The win was a fabulous one
with an impressive run
where one could see a lot of fun
ending up with friendly shots from the  gun.


The Gift Of The Colonial rule.

Harping on this particular day

I am almost  in the center of the play

as the trend all the way

calls for a celebration  in the sway

I, unable to get along in the fray

pull back from the gay

that goes along with the day

which was not found  before in my country

but came into force with the British

coming into my land with a wish

and an intention to do trade

they did great transactions

took control of the land in course

left after much effort and struggle

by my countrymen and leaders

with a bag full of riches

a plunder so  to say

leaving behind a practice

alien to this ancient  country

that being an expression of  joy

with a pomp and splendour

not known to my  people

who  lived an austere life

adhering to  rituals and rites

chanting mantras and slokas

a tradition going beyond the ages

now getting decimated by unwanted extremes

that of ostentation  exhibiting a glare.rule_britannia_india_cartoon







Shout And Yell

The man being a maker of trouble

 going past all the norms in a treble

talks as if he knows  a lot

remarking on each and every  slot

shouting unnecessarily in a  situation

that demands a moderate   resolution

swearing by the Gods names

calling them to substantiate his claims

there he goes with a distaste

while people have started him  to hate

he thinks he has won over a place

totally unaware that he has to face a chase

which would make him run for his life

and destroy his way of life

as he has to throw his  towels

and  abandon his  profession

because none relish his intrusion

being  audaciously  disquieting

and  regularlydownload (41)   scorning

he would find himself in hell

if not he stops his shouts and yell.