The Outage

The power shut down in a place
has no electricity for most hours
a day goes without power in phase
there are outages almost every hour
termed as peak and lean durations
the blame is on Nature
failure of rains in situations
that is the regular feature
monthly, bi annual and annual in row
the electrical shortage goes throughout
inducting a lot of discomfort in blow
yet the maintenance is not to the mark
assigned a day for total cut off
the inhabitants endure with no remark
the governance in Indiapower outage goes on with a laugh.


A Freak

A man was seething with anger

he was looking daggers

Eyes were blood-shot


Calling everything foul.

Accusing everyone faulty

Alleging a child too finally.


The cause not known.

It must be deep and bad

It should be intense and sad.


Gathering around found

He has lost financially

now deemed a bankrupt. officially.


Despondency makes him so.

desolation reaps  an indignation

Failure results in depression.


That be the reason for his anger.

Fuming and fretting all the while

not able to come to terms  in the guile


The crisis is so serious and grave

His waywardness brought him  low

ditching him down  in slow.


Redemption is beyond means

nothing could bring change

He has turned a freak. in a range.


The mind can make

a man or mar him greatly

he being doomed  lately.


The tomb was his creation

built brick by brick disobeying law

by his folly and flaw


Fallen a prey to his vices

lost his identity in the crucial swing

now stands yelling and shouting.






The Man Yells.

He is in delirium

with the high feverishness

might be out of a tedium

also be of an awareness.


He who has not been doing well

lately in business and relations

with hs fortunes  pulling into a shell

his mind being tormented with affectations.


Knowing that men howl

when they face  any onslaught

be that of failure in all

that could not be fought .


He being not the one  great

subjected he be to decisions

which make him wriggle in a rate

leading him to manifold aberration

One such being anger extreme

shouting and yelling  during crisis

with shattering of all his dreams

he sinks into a depression in an axis.

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Recovery would be slow

as he has to train up his mind

with his pockets  wholly hollow

he is seeking a new find.


The Fall Physical And Mental

It being an abject fall
with all bones crumbled
being  unable to  crawl
he groaned and fumbled
crying with pain  and yelping
he lay on the ground
with none to render a helping
his fear was real and bound
as time was passing in a way
between life and death
his existence was exposed to a play
releasing a sense  of dearth
so be all in reality
being similar in experience too
with the failure exactly
there would be not even two
offering comfort and  aid
when the downfall becomes prominent
as there would rise a despondency imminent


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Why Do Men Cry?

When do men cry?
Do you know?
Yes, for reasons that might sound familiar.
They wail loud uncontrollably
while they experience a loss
either be it death of a loved one
or be it a wipe away of the bullion
They break down instantly
when they are beaten,
either by their coparceners to a finality
or by their competitors in validity.
They weep inconsolably
while they are overtaken
either by their rivals in the run
or by their friends for no fun.
They shed tears immediately
when they get infuriated
either by their inability to achieve the slot
or by their inefficiency to amass wealth in lots.
Men do cry and sob unashamedly
when they are condemned obnoxiously,
and when they are jeered derisively.
Men cry the most in panic
when failures strike them with a blow
and when non recognition pushes them away from the flow.
Knowing now why men cry
we have to generously give themmen cry a try.


The Fire on The Mount of Economy.

The red blaze atop the mountain,
Is like a beacon of light,
That rages in full velocity ,
Spreading its hot wings everywhere.

The fire fighters struggle to put off,
While the winds aggravate the burning,
The thickets of vegetation tumble ,
And the birds fly away in fear.

The economy down the land,
Is collapsing like the burnt trees,
The acronym fire denote three vital business,
Finance, insurance and real estate.

The paper based system has promoted no progress,
The Finance all around is in red like the fire.
Never heard of nations becoming bankrupt,
But has happened in this era of globalization.

Predictions are like a storm , very buoyant,
Beating the investor in full force.
To invest or not to invest is the question,
Perplexing the common man to the core.

Money value is depleting to the base like a dry river
Gold and silver are roaring like a tornado,
Housing is down in U.S but elsewhere rising,
The proportions are beyond comprehension.

Economists like the fire fighters are trying hard,
But the sway eludes their perception,
Wherein they are to plug the holes,
If one is addressed other pulls out.

It is like the nursery rhyme ,
Fire on the mountain run, run,
Making every other to get scattered ,
Ina wold of failing economy