A Thought Nags

A strange thought crosses my mind

the reason could not fall into any find

could it be a worry of a kind?


I forget myself when the thought crosses

as often it could it eludes all causes.

could I locate it after a pause?


It haunts me as always and forever so

I stay aghast for a while not in a show

could it extend a great blow?


I am worried all the most

I feel the thought is forced

Could I  be better off in its  close ?








Write I

Write I with nothing in mind

at times it is empty words

most times being empty thoughts

I write with as though I am great

Knowing well I would not be  read

that is how I spend my time

never bothered about the clock’s chimes.empty words


Being A Thought

It is a thought

being not taught

occasionally caught

never bought

being one of a strategy

that of great energy

I love to circumscribe

being a scribe

hope to achieve excellence

not with much of a dalliance

that could be my reward

being a sensational award.


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The Prayer Of All

The prayer in earnest

could bring in cheer

would lead to no fear

lend a heart strongest.


The prayer with a thirst

could be for a desire

would bring in a pressure

earn a not so propitious  burst.


The prayer with a thought

be an outcome of an inclination

would usher in a deviation

give a strange proposition as sought.


The prayers do change things

whether they be in earnest

or out of thought or thirst prayer.jpg

shed not a glamour in all

render a requisition  in call.




complicated Poetry straightforward

Thè Result

If straightforward

go forward

if complicated

get not inflated

a move  right

could make you bright

gather your strength

cover the length

the light would be there

embark with care

success is yours

a way in course.

Poetry qualify song

The Less Qualified

Nevertheless they say.
None the less it goes
More or less it matters
Little less they play.

The less is found in all
Hopeless they fall
Useless they call
Ruthless they behave.

The less you are the great you feel
The less you talk the more you achieve.
The less you weigh the most agile you feel.
The less anger doubles your joy.

That be a song on less.
Please do not value it less.
I thought in a way of less.
I wrote in a way different about less
less talk


The Helpless Woman

The woman bemoans and cries
unable to keep quiet
breaks down in a sigh hlpless woman.
takes not a bite
rants in rancour
swears in anger
mind she not
who it be in slot
be her son or husband
she fumes and disbands
lets out her emotions
not in small portions
pours out in full force
if that be her chose
the life would not be smooth
to tell the truth.


Thought Crosses

The thought crosses me now
a full decade after
I knit my brow
I deliberate harder
as incidents pass slow
how the protagonists cried foul
the way they hurled allegations
their cry similar to a howl
a shout as of unbound accusations
centered around a poignant prowl
a plan to degrade the rightful all the same .
Alas! their schemes have not found light
they have backfired thought a sad plight
never did I or they anticipated the same.
A twist to the tale carefully built
that be the way every story ends up
now they blink with guilt
a status of misfortune all up.


The Days.

The days among the dead are past
the days have gone fast
nothing would ever last
as everything has been cast
long before they arrived
that is how we derive
the inference in a strive/days


That Be In Use

The table which hold the books

knows not to read.

The pen that writes for hours

lies dormant when not in use.

The machine that spins and makes yarn

turns rusty when not run.

The garden which is beautiful and lovely

loses its glamour when not tended.

The body which toils and endures

gets worn out with no care  proper.

The attention focused and affection great

hail a smooth performance to the  most

along with that comes an execution perfect.