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Into The heaven

Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of freedom.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of peace.



Into the heaven

let my county awake soon

one of contentment.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of care.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of mercy.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of unity.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of grace.


That Be In Use

The table which hold the books

knows not to read.

The pen that writes for hours

lies dormant when not in use.

The machine that spins and makes yarn

turns rusty when not run.

The garden which is beautiful and lovely

loses its glamour when not tended.

The body which toils and endures

gets worn out with no care  proper.

The attention focused and affection great

hail a smooth performance to the  most

along with that comes an execution perfect.


Filling The Boat With Water.

boatThe future looking very promising
he goes on with his ideas eulogizing
not listening to anyone for the cause
not thinking of what would be the course.
The futuristic design is appreciated
going with the moderation dedicated
but not with a haste injected
and speed that would one day get ejected
that would overcome the future itself
with debts and liabilities in the shelf
that could land one in troubled waters
before one could realise the status
and correct the fault with a delineation
the boat would be full of water and in alienation
ready to go into the depth in a wink
just the moment,rather at the brink
when one is going to retrieve it safelydownload (25)

Profit Fair.

There was no habitation over a stretch.
Not even grass in a long reach.
it was land, plain land, looking bare.
It was neither a desert arid and dry
but it lay untilled and uncared.
Going through it was a tedium
nothing to see and nothing to hear
Realised then the value of care
that bestows uncountable fare
delineating profitcare fair.

Taking Care

The baby next door was crying aloud
Her mother had gone out
The father was unable to keep her cowed.
She sobbed and whimpered in bouts.

The mother had left her for the first time.
The child was bringing the roof down.
The father did all things he could to pass the time.
But the child remained adamant to the sound.

Unable to cry furthermore the tired child slept .
The father then got relieved and called his wife
fearing the child would get up any time from sleep.
The father was in tears actually waiting for his wife.

Too much crying would be dangerous for the infant.
Too much exertion would turn the child blue.
Taking care of babies is a task very defiant.
yet they have to be nurtured by parents both in twobaby crying.

A song On Culture

cultureCulture calls for vouchsafe
with a dividing behave
going over the states
on an unconfirmed dates
crossing the borders
with an easy order
overtaking the glamour
that get with it in a clamour
shadowing the contingencies
with diluted discrepancies
showing a concise uniformity
in a prescribed impetuosity
Culture is a reflex image
that brings out a damage
if not taken care of entirely
with an assigned formality
igniting the differences
with feigned references
would lead to a revolt
with an unforeseen assault.
Culture of a society
dwells in its capacity
to work together
and to gather
strength and unity
with a curiosity
ushering a flourish
with a lively cherish.