contradictions Poetry

The Indications

The throb amidst the throng

the cheer seen in a sneer

the charm found in calm

the hope felt in a slope

the  life with a strive

all show  in  a glass

contradictions indicate

existence in all tense.contradictions

Actions Age concept Experience silly vain

Where She Belongs?

glaring outfitmade up womanHeavily made up in a glare
she walked with steps rare
Stitched with stones rare
her outfits presented a striking glare.
Decked with shining jewels rare
her posture reflected a shocking glare.
She was the epitome of snobbery in a glare.
Moving with frivolous fallacy a deviation rare.

Well, that has been her way of life for long.
Straddling with imperious affectation all along.
She spoke in a euphemistic tone almost like a song.
Uttering meaningless attributions without a wrong.
She behaved like a wanton child in the throng.
Exchanging silly words for nominal prong.
She was a synonym of vanity excessively strong.
One knows not where she belongs?

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Nature Warns.

In the early evening I felt a shudder.

The chair rocked a while.

The table shook a second.

The building jolted  a minute.   

The head wobbled dizzy.

There was panic all over.


It was only the  day before.

It was a hot afternoon.

There was not even a breeze.

The tremor caught us unaware.

We were left gaping at the disaster.


The disaster was not heavy.

There were no casualty in the run.

There was no monetary loss in the trend. 

The people got evacuated for reasons known

The coastal area felt devastated expressing a frown.


The devastation was not physical to the core.

The scare was thoroughly profound all the more.

The apprehension was killing at the most.

The recollections were fearful foretelling a Tsunami

There was a deadly silence reminiscent of a melancholic sadness.

The desolation carried a reference of  lethal premonition.


The desolation started to overwhelm in magnitude.

The will to live was driving everyone in platitude.

Nature has its own way of signalling its motion.

It warns the people of their shortfalls.

Wittingly,we cause damage to her in our own way.

Destroying the environment morbidly.


Morbidly we throng the habitations in multitudes

Recklessly we contaminate the earth  committing destitute.

Avariciously we work on her for our benefit with self-conceit

Unmindful of her great discomfort and  terrible plight 

Patience has been her virtue for long.

Destruction has been our goal for too long.


Playing with Nature is dangerous,mind you

Kidding her virtuosity is harmful,beware.

Humiliating her is perilous,be warned.

She would suddenly break with a vengeance.

Throwing out and tearing  everything in a violence.