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Where She Belongs?

glaring outfitmade up womanHeavily made up in a glare
she walked with steps rare
Stitched with stones rare
her outfits presented a striking glare.
Decked with shining jewels rare
her posture reflected a shocking glare.
She was the epitome of snobbery in a glare.
Moving with frivolous fallacy a deviation rare.

Well, that has been her way of life for long.
Straddling with imperious affectation all along.
She spoke in a euphemistic tone almost like a song.
Uttering meaningless attributions without a wrong.
She behaved like a wanton child in the throng.
Exchanging silly words for nominal prong.
She was a synonym of vanity excessively strong.
One knows not where she belongs?

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There You Are Williams.

Williams has a smiling face.

He feigns an angelic grace.

His imperious steps make all to gaze.

His impetuosity is a fiery blaze.

He moves along with a created  ease.

Everyone follow him with a  difficult freeze.

He hides artfully his cheeky cheese.

He carries himself with   a superiority breeze.

Williams’ pretensions are cleverly concealed.

His manipulations involve a scheming deal.

He extends a deceitful care giving heal.

None the less he skilfully deploys a splitting  peel.


Williams tactfully alters his skills.

He   relentlessly shuffles the bills.

He discreetly swindles the monetary frills.

He silently piles up his precious fills.


Williams is not the only one doing so.

He is a stand out example hitherto.

Many more engage in a quiet tiptoe.

 They mop up everything with a gusto.


Beware of Williams’ tribe all the more.

Stand away from them evermore.

Run away from them more so.

Shun them if you can it is better so.