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A Character.

A call just now
a friend of mine spoke
so innocent in a row
feigned innocence in hold
she never looks bold
certainly a character to watch
you could never catch
she is so slippery and pleasant
moves about in a manner decent
what is in her mind no one knows
as she makes no foes
goes on with an ease in all
very careful not to tread and fall
intrudes stealthily into others
straightens herself from their curse
I, for one, got carried away
I have seen through the play
hereinafter I should be awry
as she is a being very scary.feigning_innocence_by_xxcarolinefirelilyxx-d68l42n


Feigned Cloak.

The insufficient behaviour found in men
The inadequacy of their performance.
The indecency expressed in their attempts.
The impudence shown in their activities
All these with holdings are not normal
they are not anything of the regular
but a feigned cloak over a defect
trying to hide the ineptitude
with a variant and degraded impressions
a kind of ruse to distract people’s attention
allowing them to concentrate on this eccentricity
than pinpoint the real folly and flaw lying down.insufficient behaviour

Actions Poem


A way of reluctance is seen in me late
as it always interrupts my course be it fate
and sets a break in the move in a rate.

Reluctance has grown with age
removing the little flexibility I had in age
to a status of going on my own stage.

Reluctance to accept the feign and lies
forces me to keep away from such guys
seeking the intricate base through the eyes.

Reluctance to be in the limelight for years tall
by not giving a chance to the peers
has made me an introvert mere.

Reluctance to amass wealth by betraying the rightful
rejecting the wealth and reputation blissful
has dubbed me a disenchanting fool.

In a way reluctance has helped me to stand above all
Losing much in financials but in nothing else I stand tall
in pride and contentment dashing other’s snarl.

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A Melodrama

It looked as if it is going to rain.

The clouds  grew dark as if  in feign.

But the effort  was in vain.

As the expected did not happen in the main.


Thunder also joined the game.

The sound was tremendous not to blame.

But the work was only lame.

As nothing happened to name.


Lightning stepped into the fray.

The shine was a blinding  in the bay.

But the schedule was not gay.

As everything  indicated an event stray.


The rain played  hide and seek.

Its downpour was in streak.

But the entire schedule was meek.

As everything disappeared with a shriek.








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The Duo In Form

Likely to be ignorance.

It is  a pretext of innocence.

It is a mask for foolish deliverance.

It is a camouflage of avaricious indulgence.

It is a manipulation to grab with hurried semblance.

Succeeding the duo march with egoistic diligence.

Unaware of the pits that are ahead of their reference.

Their momentary success is reflected in their impertinence.

Time  waits for no man’s observance.

The duo find them in  an entrapped inference.

Their ill earned money undergoes a disappearance.

Their undeserved pride stifles them to a grievance.

Gradually they fade away from the limelight presence. 







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There You Are Williams.

Williams has a smiling face.

He feigns an angelic grace.

His imperious steps make all to gaze.

His impetuosity is a fiery blaze.

He moves along with a created  ease.

Everyone follow him with a  difficult freeze.

He hides artfully his cheeky cheese.

He carries himself with   a superiority breeze.

Williams’ pretensions are cleverly concealed.

His manipulations involve a scheming deal.

He extends a deceitful care giving heal.

None the less he skilfully deploys a splitting  peel.


Williams tactfully alters his skills.

He   relentlessly shuffles the bills.

He discreetly swindles the monetary frills.

He silently piles up his precious fills.


Williams is not the only one doing so.

He is a stand out example hitherto.

Many more engage in a quiet tiptoe.

 They mop up everything with a gusto.


Beware of Williams’ tribe all the more.

Stand away from them evermore.

Run away from them more so.

Shun them if you can it is better so.

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A Tower -Tall and High

 The tower yonder is high, very high,

Does it reach the sky?

 Nay it tries to  go above the sky.

Looks great and very high


The tower  looks strong  , doubly  strong,

Does it surpass the invincible?

 Nay ,it attempts to show it is invincible,

Appears solid and very strong.


The tower looks  gigantic ,really gigantic,

Does it overshadows the undaunted?

Nay,it puts forth a look undaunted,

Feigns a pose inimitable and gigantic.


The tower   is high ,very high,

The tower appears strong ,doubly strong

The tower looks gigantic ,really gigantic,

Will it withstand the test of times?

Will it collapse as years roll by?


( The poem is a metaphorical allusion . Tower designates the  snobbish  , who feign in vain)