A Moral Disarmamant.

It was a toughest  and a depleting moment.

It was a strongest and  a deadly  hit.

It was a more or less a  moral disarmament.

It was  an attack  highly unfit.


The players  were wrongly poised.

One side was  loaded with strength.

The other was weak but juxtaposed.

The uneven status reposed a tug of length.


The majority went about with much fanfare.

They were drunk with enormous power.

The lonely set about with subdued affair.

They remained calm in an isolated tower.


The advocates of law confirm that mighty would win.

The  task of the powerless  would dissipate as dust.

It would be so in most  issues but not in fronts genuine.

The manipulating schemed would certainly go bust.


Initial setbacks should not be a deciding factor.

The painful struggle would reap a fortune.

That which stand for truth might be a detractor.

Surely  sincerity would harmonise the tune.


So say the epics and the ballads in a  lively tone.

Mythology embedded in them elicits morals with illustrations.

The incidents and the routine affirm the same with a groan.

It goes without saying that truth  triumphs with distinction.



Actions break Experience Sydney thoughts

The Panorama

The skies open out to the sea,

The ocean turns out to the shore,

The land climbs up to the mounts,

The  hillocks clamber to the skies,

The tall Tower Eye stands alone,

Massive structures  run around,

 Marble pillars  hold high the domes,

Displaying  a concept of high and low.


Up ,up goes the tower in a terrible high,

The Sydney Bridge  across hold our eye,

The Opera House  concert flows into the ears,

Activities around Darling Harbour  catch the  nerves.



The mighty  Ocean flows unperturbed,

Men move about in a mangled queue,

Vehicles ply about in an orderly  slow,

The trains go about duty bound.



Boats sail over the water,

Ferries transport men and matter,

Ships stream over the deep waters,

Planes conquer the skies.


It  is business all through,

Starting from penny to dollars,

A transaction performed  all through,

Confirming a task  of a meritorious skill.

Power subscriptions thoughts

A Tower -Tall and High

 The tower yonder is high, very high,

Does it reach the sky?

 Nay it tries to  go above the sky.

Looks great and very high


The tower  looks strong  , doubly  strong,

Does it surpass the invincible?

 Nay ,it attempts to show it is invincible,

Appears solid and very strong.


The tower looks  gigantic ,really gigantic,

Does it overshadows the undaunted?

Nay,it puts forth a look undaunted,

Feigns a pose inimitable and gigantic.


The tower   is high ,very high,

The tower appears strong ,doubly strong

The tower looks gigantic ,really gigantic,

Will it withstand the test of times?

Will it collapse as years roll by?


( The poem is a metaphorical allusion . Tower designates the  snobbish  , who feign in vain)