Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Moon And I

The moon peeps through my window

as I set the head on my pillow

I stare at her devouring her beauty

she  returns it with a glare pretty

the whiteness is pure without a blemish

it was a flawless hue all whitish

I lie down contemplating  quietly

the moon shines lavishly

I refrain from closing the window

for fear of losing the picturesque glow

how long I was  like that I do not know

could be till sleep overwhelmed me  in slow.moon

A Sketch of A Batsman

it is a drawing  beautiful

a pencil sketch

very expressive and wonderful

especially the batsman’s  sketch

disappointment writs large in his face

he pouts and purses his lips

perhaps it could be a case

suggestive of a tip

the batsman has missed

he is caught and bowled

should be fairly amiss

definitely11118940-Vector-cartoon-of-cricketer-being-bowled-out--Stock-Vector-cricket-cartoon-ball a duck out.

The Devil And The Demon.

A devil and a demon

never say amen

they cry foul

always wth a growl.

A devil and a demon

never resemble a lemon

they are dark

and usually bark.

A devil and a demon

never come in dozens

they are alone

and are ever forlorn.

A devil and a demon

live in a dungeon

they are crooked

and  are certainly wicked.

The devil and  the  demon

wear no nice garments

they smell and stink

and have an aimless blink.

You could identify them easily now

mean the devil and demon you know

found everywhere in our midst

oh!  that is the tryst.devil and demon

A Magnanimous Man

Magnanimity is misconstrued

if shown in unwanted  place

expressed in a manner subdued

it excels with a grace.

Magnanimous to the extended

has been  the style always

understands  and feels offended

is a late realization in a way.

Could have been little magnanimous

job and friendsto his wife and children

he was magnificently gorgeous

with strangers and the brethren.

He feels for his  wrong attitude

too late now in all

as his ward show no gratitude

looks now crestfallen.

The Day Has Passed

it is a long day

uneventful in a way

nothing transpired

not  any inspired

yet the day passes

without any impasse

sucks and erodes

could lead to a corrode

certain days tend to be so

not all days could be lively in a show

the good and bad exist together

so do cheer and fear day has passed together

accept what it is worth for

that would take yo very far.

Oh !The Past Month

The past month was hot

it was unbearably hot

so saying I have lived all through

not taking a step to move.

The past month was messy

it was uncontrollably messy

so saying I have dragged through

not taking  a step to move.

The past month was terrible

it was significantly horrible

so saying I have seen through

not taking a step to move.

The past month I started again

Oh! stop it  I cried in vain

the past month has passed

you did not dare to cross.past month

The Receiver And The Renderer.

One man serves one

works for another

could this be  justified?

Yes and with authority

by both the receiver and the renderer

a discreet pact between the two

revealed by the receiver  in a voice low

it is discipline at bay

serving the other in  pirated way

equals to a theft as such

more so a plagiarism on the part

the man who utilised the service

did knowingly  as it was wrong

the other who rendered his service

did for the benefits  aware it was wrong Clerks

the way money plays

lists up to many illicit ways