hot Poetry rainy.

Malaysian Weather–

Here rain pours
the sun shines with strength
an equatorial Malaysia Malaysian weather.

basic Poetry proof

Theorem of Life —A syndrome.

A theorem gives you a hypothesis
with that you come out with a thesis
it is a research in a kind
leading to a lot of finds.

A theorem is a proved fact
leads you to results intact
it is a geometrical one basically
be an approval intrinsically.

A theorem is an interpretation
the proofs are an exposition
that would happen if it is so
a general application in a flow.

A theorem could be a proposition
not only in geometrical disposition
they are altered to lifestyle
a modification in the trial.

The theorem of life in proposition
covers all the perceptions
not alienating the rise and fall
inclusive of all.theorem


Thorn In A Bush—–Allegory

A thorn in a bush
could pin you down
mind y not the prick
go with a kick.

A thorn in a bush
could stop you
do not hesitate the pull
go like a bull.

A thorn in a bush
could stagnate your actions
set aside those reactions
go in a motion.

A thorn in a bush
could dampen your spirits
ignore the devil
go against the evil.

It might be a thorn
real in a sense
do not see under the lens
throw it across the fence.

It is the way to pull
out the thorn
walk ahead strong
make the best of it nothing wrong.thorn

angst curse fair Poetry progeny

A Fair Deal In A Steal.

A share in a steal
as if it is a deal
comes not once
but thrice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
makes me aghast
and amazed.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
finds an impartiality
respect to the fertility.

A fair deal,
that too in a steal
goes unnoticed
as is the practice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
seems to amuse me
thinking of the fee.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
would ruin the progeny
with angst and a curse.steal.