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The Rains In My Town


it is the rains
the much-awaited signs
come with a reign supreme
it has been my dream
to see the rains for long
nature has thwarted my song
I jumped and sang in my younger days
when I saw the rain I became gay
now I hold my breath and stare
at the rains with a feigned dare
The droplets gather slowly
in an increased speed rapidly
come down with a force
a beautiful sight to behold in the course
the rains come not alone
bring along its friends known
thunder and lightning accompany
the blast and a tumult comply
along with a flash and brightness
the rains fall thud, thud, in a resonance
a fantasy for me to espy
like to run into the rains and cry
the rains would fall on my head
drop through my nose ahead
my tongue would swap the water in quick
Oh! I would like to play and kick.


New Delhi.

Seen not many places
seen a few of them
that be the important cities
seen not my own capital city
been born and lived so long
that be New Delhi
a beautiful city they say
thrives with a population
lies on a beautiful layout
has many architectural wonders
along a wide sprawling gardens
the city turns misty in the winter
becomes cold during the season
transforms into a hot dusty city
being so in summer
the mercury rises abnormally
a most controversial city
different in appearance
so much apart from the other capitals
yet it breathes life incessantly
never it sleeps to wake. parliamant