Daily Archives: May 24, 2015

The Recipe For Harmony

It could be a small issue

the way  you take it matters

never go in for a reissue

as it would lead to  a shatter

forget it with a magnanimity

wound and hurts remain for a time

dig and  pull add to the gravity

never do those at any time

if unable to endure

move away for a while

that could issuescure

all maladies in style

try this recipe once

you will win hence

that be your own reward

The Great Rama — Ega Pathini Virathan

Rama, the epitome of virtues

transcends all imagination

a man so superb and in blue

the colour of Rama  a distraction

a wonder it has been all through

the dark king with  principles

“ega pathini virathan” the topmost

one wife one man  a syndrome  exquisite

a characteristic unique to Rama almost

the concept so noble in stature  and delicate

makes Rama an embodiment of nobility

Ramayana soars above all epics in nature

thesitasakhi idealism adds to his dignity

so would it enhance other humans

let one woman be your wife always

consider the older as your mother always

while your contemporaries as sisters always

and the younger ones as your daughters always

would there be any sin in the world then? no way

never, as lust is the cause of all evils always.