Poetry spontaneously

My Write

I like to write
not with a bite
with a humour slight
a moral light
nothing more in bright
words come out straight
not get stuck with a fight
jumps out spontaneously
falls on the paper seamlessly
comprises to make a song instantly
I forget the poem immediately
go to write another one instantaneously
a way that has come up naturally
I write with no schedule
well, that in a conclude
is my life of late.Meenas17s weblog

heaarts Poetry win

Smile And Win

It is a shine all around
could it be an illumination?
nay, it is a smile all around
makes a shine like an illumination.

Smile with a kindness together
renders a brilliance in a move
yes, a smile is benign altogether
creates an ebullience in the move.

Smile lights up the face bright
the eyes seem to sparkle
nay, it is a turn all the way right
apparently like the stars in a sparkle.

It takes you all the way easy
with a smile you could win the hearts
yes, it is a ride not breezy
a beautifulsmile and win ploy to get into the hearts.

camouflage difficulty Poetry stupid. style

Aging With Difficulty

Age I with difficulties
mostly all my faculties
go in a tangent almost
my legs the most
right one goes east
the left one towards the west
I go through in a test
imagine how would I arrive?
I do it with a drive
pull the left this way
push the left that way
a coordination in a way
camouflage my limp tactfully
show others that I walk gently
the way I make up my gait
I go ahead straight
my eyes serve me well
no short or long sights as well
see through and read through fine
so does my hands in a bind
work with confidence great
without them I would become inebriated
then come my physic in full form
once it was slender and calm
now is bloated with the flesh all around
a rolly polly figure in the round
not much of a difference in my hair
always had a short and dark hair
has changed now to silvery hair
I have acquired richness in that way
silver turns expensive nowadays
grey hair is a sign of wisdom is the belief
I for one do not have such a sign, a great relief
I go with my thoughts very stupid in course
well, do not blame it is not my choose
I was born with little brains all the more
so I live with the faintest evermore.walking in style