A Cognitive Mind.

I am journeying through

decades six in true

never without  a struggle

never did I buckle

feel the hurt  more

learnt to cross the floor

tumbles too many on the way

fell down and got up in ways

yet I could see no bed of comfort

I have to carry  on facing the toughest

I do brood a lot a cognitive mind I posess

want to get rid of it as it oppresses.


Water Scarcity.

The water is scarce

in a way it is a farce,

the unmindful usage

the disregard for storage

has led to a disaster unpredictable

great and impenetrable.

the world is at a loss

Could be turned  into false

with conservation careful

along with preservation to the full.

bounty Nature Poetry

The Diversity

the_flower_of_life_by_fracfx-d3fawqcThe diversity as seen

landscapes  as have been

undualting and flat in a way

makes it look like a play

the ups and downs

makes one to frown

yet they seem to be attractive

as they remain inconclusive

whare do they start ?none know

where they end up? no one knows

they go  to places in the stretch

call us together in a fetch

we crowd to such places

happiness is apparent in our faces

yes, Nature is such a beauty

has lot of treasures in its booty

a great going indeed as I admire her

an admiration grows around her

well, Nature is enormously  fastidious

and everything looks infectious.

exasperates. infinity Poetry tree

A Communion With Infinity

A tree over there

looks so huge

spreads a canopy

a shady deal

a respite from the heat

a beautiful panorama

grand and eloquent in strength

where I could see

nests of birds

while squirrels go up and down

the monkeys all up to pranks

the fruits hang down

large and lascivious

bright and yellow

the tree seems a paradise

great like a device

awesome and breathtaking

lovely and exasperating

I see the glamour

the magnificence enhances

a communion with the infinity

lasts all day long.Paradise

clear cried Poetry sobbed style

I have Become Myself

I had the fright of life

it was  not  worrisome in strife

I panicked and  tweaked all the more

shed tears almost to the score

a fortnight I had been so

it was a nightmare in the go

I lost concentration all the while

not mine in the style

I succumbed to the threat

I started to fret

I cried and sobbed all too much crying-cry-sobbing-sad-depressed

dragging with me my loved ones as such

the phase has passed now

I am clear as much as I know

great and good in a form

smart, cheerful and calm

as ever before in the flow

I have become myself in a slow.

Poetry steep

I Stand Back In Awe.

I stand back with awe

I could decipher a flaw

it is a serious one

Could have been undone

Alas! It is very much there

none would dare

ĺies in a heap

very much in a steep

unable to shake it clean

Stays long in the scene

I stand back in awe

I could decipher a flaw.

block physic Poetry

A Battle

It is a battle

causes a big rattle

noise emanates loud

fumes go above the cloud

confusion is all around

what could be in the surround?

a  disturbance all in the turmoil

presents one  to recoil

yet the turbulence rocks

result in a block

that of the mind and the physic

strangle all to  specifics

of  great and small

could lead to a fall.a battle

dazed down Lost Poetry

Possibility In The Down.

It is a follow-up

could be a top up

a strange feeling gets along

makes one nowhere in a belong

approximating the decimals

fixing it to the minimal

I look at me with disdain

I have not gained

nor have I taken care of me

always  the family before me

never bothered to take a concern

nor was able to discern

I too am a human being

with all the feelings

lived like a stone with no moves

receiving  all with no proofs

I, in the course, lost myself

now have sunk deep down

stand I dazed unable to find myself

well, that could be a possibility in the down.possibility

character difficult Poetry

A Not Too Pleasant.

It is a call from a distance

means openly no offence

intricately points a curiosity

wants to poke unnecessarily

could she be a sneak

plays she a trick

feigns innocence too well

poses friendship as well

a character very difficult to get rid

waiting for a chance to snatch the bid.twitterrific-4-for-mac-offers-a-sneak-peek-pic--022b4b7917

dissuades disturbs Poetry

The Strong Wind And The Mind

The strong wind came with a force

struck the land in course

ravaged for a few hours

every other thing went into covers

there was silence all through after

the wind subdued and blew softer

similar to the wind acts the mind

it blows fiercely in a kind

disturbs and dissuades  for a time

turbulent it turns with a chime

then settles down all too submissive

so that be the case all too inclusive

a high and a low all too common

well, that is how it is is it not fun?wind the mind