fluctuation over Poetry

Situation All Over.

Of late I have become irresolute

once known for strength and stoicism

now I have become dissolute

what could I attribute  to  this ism

cannot but define in any way

as I wait in a stay

look around hovering upon with no ease

I stray with an uneasy cease

a slight fluctuation kills me

fatigue turns me not free

this be the situation all over

as I cross my days in a deliberation g-dilemma-main-83695502

decide Poetry

Puts Me To A Test.

Should I or should I not?

tweaking puts me to a test

unable to decide fast

look blind and desperate

happens more or less in  turn

frequently in returns

keep on deliberating for a while

well, that is not my style

yet I have become so silly

push me out in a rally

would I be able to tally ?

I really know not at all

that is how is the call.