Fire, Floods and Quakes.

Nature’s fury

as seen in every

fire, floods, and quakes

all not moderate takes

they show an excessive

be it fire it is incisive

the case of floods  it is a deluge

quakes being a devastation huge

what could be the reason?

one says it is a vengeance

nature turns on with a resurgence

another attributes to the end of the world

recaptures the “Noah of Arc” in words

the beliefs are too many to contest

have to address the issue in just

would we do it in earnest?

well, that becomes  a difficult test.




decide Poetry

Puts Me To A Test.

Should I or should I not?

tweaking puts me to a test

unable to decide fast

look blind and desperate

happens more or less in  turn

frequently in returns

keep on deliberating for a while

well, that is not my style

yet I have become so silly

push me out in a rally

would I be able to tally ?

I really know not at all

that is how is the call.

Actions Anger Poem silence


Ssilenceilence is golden is the saying.
It is a contradiction in the upswing
Keeping your mouth shut is not a virtue.
likely you resemble more of a statue.
Arming yourself with words for defence
will not at any cost bring you offence.
Where greed and competition get the best.
muting your voice will put you to test.
When evil and lies surge up to the front.
sitting tight-lipped will bring you brunt.
In this era this adage has been put to test
when all things good or bad demands a protest.

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A Baby’s First Crawl

Lying down on his stomach ,

Looking around to check,

Pulling his legs to the fore,

 He fell down on the floor.


He got hurt to an extent,

He cried to his heart’s content,

Then attempted  again,

Alas ! he slipped in the bargain


He threw an angry look around

Stared in anger at the ground,

Shouted something in a loud voice

He stretched himself in a choice.


The baby became restless,

 He slowly dragged his legs breathless,

Steadied himself to a right position

He remained waiting for the next decision.


He suddenly  took a four-legged step,

 Moved his right leg in a forward pep,

The left one followed in a quick,

Architecting an advance like a trick.


The ruse went on for a little time,

It was like a poetic rhyme,

The crawl was with a rhythmic ease,

That brought no ridiculing tease.


It was fun  to see him crawl  for the rest,

It was for him a  highly priced test,

He had taken a move daring,

Is it not a praiseworthy sharing?











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It Has to be Back

It is back to the old place,

 Back to the usual pace,

Back in  the familiar space,

Back into the monotonous race.

All things have a back side,

All time has a back tide,

All levels have a back ride,

All steps have a back slide.


Going back home  is a pleasant return,

Reading back is a historical learn,

Falling back is a miserable  spurn,

Back to the original is  never a  possible turn.


A firm backing lands all in a  glamorous zone,

Backing detects in all an infirm tone,

An undue backing for  is precarious prone,

Backing also deletes  in all an individualistic  own.


Well, getting back to the prescribed text,

It is a back up of all the zest,

Restoring the faculties to the best,

Reaffirming the convictions to a test. 


It is back to the regular day,

It is back to the  formal say,

It is at times a strenuous  slay,

But it is  always an indefatigable way.

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Integrity Tested

Down ,down goes the  lies.

Wrapped up with many tries,

Concealing each other in  a dice,

Forging  ruthless flies.



Truth stands alone,

In a  flattery zone,

Where it is  thrown

By the windy blown.



Yet it stands up above,

The restless  grove,

Of tantalizing move,

And disquieting  rove



It  hovers  over a platitude,

Of infirm fortitude,

Going through a coveted  ingratitude,

As it accost a rebellious latitude.



It resists the tempting allure,

By holding a stately demur,

As it  shunning the facile glamour,

With a shielding   armour.



Integrity clones with  honesty

By slicing the fiction out of the  priority,

As it accepts  the directions of morality,

By discarding the dubious   activity.



Integrity undergoes  much  hardship,

As it gets battered by the whip,

Still it bears the tedious strip,

With a poised  graceful flip