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The Turn Of Events

The turn of events
happens with a speed
not very different
the unruly always unruly
the obedient never disobedient
the events, however, turn and turn
the aggressive on a little provocation
ignite and embitter the nation
the docile remain docile for long
a piquant and a sordid situation
much against any denomination.

turn of events

The Negotiations

The way goes in a round about 
 with turns and twists all about  
 not be one straight road ahead 
 a long distance be it instead  
negotiate is the essence all round 
where obstacles come up all round 
 speed is not possible at this frontier 
 patience is tracked in the dernier 
if that be the practice in the go  
 all things would fall in a row 
 would lead to a triumph in the run 
end up in an enjoyment and fun

A Fever

A fever in the body
the temperature is high
there sets in a delirium
disoriented feel arises
pain in the neck and head
a discomfort not experienced
the child looks hapless
with eyes full of water
blood-shot and tired
the body shivers in fits
up and down it goes
the child tosses and turns
pity her most is all
I can do in a moment
pray did I with fervour
for her recovery in speed.


Apprehensive In All.

A turn not foreseen

A twist not possible.

All these found a place.


 Catching unaware

falling into the whirlpool

 life goes on.


A journey which was for a holiday

has become frequent and for occupation

never knew it would transform so.


It has happened  all of a sudden

going by the events

it would continue lifelong.


How to get out from the cesspool?

a deliberation one is into

hoping to hatch an  idea quick


Ideas do loom in

not  so forceful to pull out

appear weak in the  magnitude


Oh! how to get out in style

without hampering as all

feeling apprehensive   straight.apprehensive-arti-chauhan





Twisting Words

A simple thing gets twisted on the go

making a great issue with much ado

having talked about it for hours in a course

the topic  pushing headway to a close

gets not completed but drags on

as the contender follows it on

with a drive  forward not cool

not intending to conclude it in full

finding loopholes in a circuit

and detecting if’s and but’srestlessin a conduit

there goes the schedule never-ending

impossible to put a full stop  as some are pending

the argument never ceases at all

forcefully mounting up  to a call

that releases heat and emotion  altogether

not inclined to a healthy stroll in a gather.