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Twisting Words

A simple thing gets twisted on the go

making a great issue with much ado

having talked about it for hours in a course

the topic  pushing headway to a close

gets not completed but drags on

as the contender follows it on

with a drive  forward not cool

not intending to conclude it in full

finding loopholes in a circuit

and detecting if’s and but’srestlessin a conduit

there goes the schedule never-ending

impossible to put a full stop  as some are pending

the argument never ceases at all

forcefully mounting up  to a call

that releases heat and emotion  altogether

not inclined to a healthy stroll in a gather.



Concluding Commitments

controversyCommitments open a controversy.
bringing in unexpected contradictions
They do enforce an indulgence
which might lead to dissatisfaction.
They do release an impatience
which leads to unsophisticated confrontation.
They do evolve into an unpleasant exchange
which head towards unwanted implications.
Commitments are to be completed
with undue care and tactful recommendations.

A Prologue

It is going to be that,

It is going to be what?

It is that , nothing more than that,

Well .what is that?


That’s how it goes on,

Moves on without a clue  to fawn,

Gets going without a scorn,

Ends up in an unpredictable  born.


So let me say that is that,

It is a speculative  combat,

Based on a volatile drat 

Concluding on a tone flat.


Well,a  prologue is most likely to be,

A preface to what ought to be,

An eye opener to all things to be,

But truly a maze  as it appears to be.