Monthly Archives: October 2014

A Fly Back.

A marathon it was

travel so tedious as all that

a night on the other end

a morning in the mid way

dusk finds you at the farthest side

a real twenty-four hours so quick

a full turn around the world

never could you believe

have to wind the watch

not once but thrice

saw the dark stillness twice

all in a day it happened

being a fly back back home.

The Song I Hear.

27335087-a-bare-tree-amidst-greeneryThe day is beautiful

intermittent showers

the demure sunlight

a cool breeze enthrall

all set to entice

I hear a music

comes not from anywhere

but from myself

a song of my life

hums in my ears

the notes go up and down

expressing the joy with a gusto

intimating the sadness with a feel

synchronising the glory in cheer

reflecting on the losses in grim

the high intonations with melody

merge with the low notations  softly

the song goes on for hours

my eyes become moist

wiping them gently

I stare in front of me

 the greenery bewitches 

the bare trees  devastate.

That Might Not.

I never swallow food in a hurry

take a time and do it without worry

even when I am in a fury

I chew and eat chew.leisurely.

Might be that quality of mine

makes me patient not only while I dine

persevere I relentlessly with a bind.

this way I  extend a system of a kind.

Patience emulated proves expensive

as I deal with things not impulsive

the tolerance level is intrusive

I never take anything offensive.

Again, this attitude brings no result

as I stay unperturbed by any tumult

passive I am without any fault

a loser I am by default.

Part Of Fun

I watch through the window

see a bright sun out

With all enthusiasm, I go out

and get stuck by a wind flow.

The sun is there in full

It is radiant and nice

Yet, it is chill in ties

the winds bring the cool.

Heard, that the sun scorches

it beats  the elements in the strength

but it is a falsity in length

as winds excel in few pockets.

I perceive the force of winds

not alone in speed as of earlier

I experience the biting cold’s succour

as they flow through the fore and hind.

sun shines

I pity you, the great golden Sun

You, who I thought was unsurpassable

appear sheepish here in all possible

Well, that is also a part of fun.

The Cheer And Drear

The distinction I see

while I go past the border

the two countries they be

very similar in order

people of multi races

whites, blacks and reds

lands almost the same in base

vast and varied in a sense

the one looks so fresh and fine

the other tired and withered

the cheerful almost now in a shine

the dreary already in troubled waters

as the finance seems  to exert pressure

the employment being not a glitter

the whole nation seems to be in a fissure

Well! the” big brother”  has become old

not ancient as most lands of the world

been fully spent and in fatigue untold

the country that remained modest and bold

now glimmers with a glow not too gaudy

 trends to be healthy and steady

a difference I could behold in all dimensions

seen through as in all infusions.

A Holiday

Away from my home

a holiday it is in a way

being  a month and more

I  am out of home for long

hopping to strange places

back to the  den to rest awhile

I resume the move very soon

become  exhausted so quick

unknowingly arises a desire to return

as  the comforts of my own home

so difficult to sideline and ignore

press me to get back fast

nothing much of a difficulty

I now spend time with the dear ones

loving and cheerful the day passes

yet I am not able to suppress  my longing

the call becomes even more loud

I would be off in a few more days

back to my little haven

the space where I rejoice

the place I hold so close.