Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

I Remain True

To read what I write

is but a terrible bite

as I write with a passion

nothing to do with fashion

pour my thoughts in speed

they are in verse  think I indeed!

what they are to others I know not?

as I write  for me alone all throughout

this way I go about in my work

performing for my satisfaction alone

a very  different personality in tone

stand I very much apart from the normal

withdrawn  from the world but very formal

Do I look a strange creäture to you?

Well, that is me who remains always true.




The colours I see here

mesmerize me, my dear

the green I espied a little ago

sheds its darkness with no ego

turns light without a show

from dark to pale in a slow

a while after I perceive a change

this though not in range

looks red now not a derange

haunts me rather strange

the colour changes forth so quick

become they yellow in a tick

the leaves are no more thick

cling no more to the branches

they fall hurriedly in bunches

lay there for a rest in the trenchesAutumn colours surround the Tu Hwnt i'r Bont tearooms on the banks of the River Conwy

emanate not any stench

the transformation scene so tall

that be the glory of the fall

autumn in Canada they call.

On The Shore

On the sea shore

there are more

pebbles small and big

excessive they are in a dig

in many shapes as well

hexagon and square in  tell

tiny conches and shells

found there in a dwell

I, like a child eagerly

 gathered them steadily

threw them into the water

flowed they back in a splatter

engaged in a play for a while

so it continued in great style

the  game brought  memories  of past

which have been rightly cast

at the rear end of the mind.

Now, I see it as a great find.

A wisdom I attained after years

a way to live in  good cheer

is to rememberpebbles the good  more

forget the rest as it is a bore.