The Paraphernalia

The leaf:
the green colour I espied
sheds its darkness turns pale.

The leaf
a while after I perceive looks changed
red sets in with a haunt.

The leaf
changes its colour
turns yellow in a stroke.

The paraphernalia as viewed
proposes a sequence: the growth,
the ripeness and the decay.

The transformation,
being a natural phenomenon,
presents itself in a colourful vestige.

Autumn, as it is known,

The Fall, as it is called,
echoes with a vibration.


exaltation. glow Poetry spring

Spring Arrives

it is a morning call

being the crows call

reluctant to wake up

go further down in a step

a snort and a snore  loud

could be heard  with a sound

the daily chores  are spring arrives so

as the rest come in a row.

Come winter  the snow sweeps

whisks through the breeze

the summer heralds a show

as activities go in a flow

the fall is wonderful

with colour changes in full

come spring with its glory

reminiscent of the hoary.

The advent of spring  in a bloom

dispels the long set gloom

the flowers break out in a blossom

like to hold them to the bosom

the trees bear fruits small and big

all but with no exception of a fig

the birds tweet and chirp with such melody

as they sit up  and sing with rhapsody.

The lovely season of all

spring beckons  a great call

the yellow tinge spreads all through

lightens up the valley with concepts true

the golden sunlight that passes in a flood

cheers up the face   with a new blood

it is an all round celebration sumptuous

release an exaltation not dubious

earth Poetry rains

The Rains In All

The rains do good

they too also do bad

it is the way they rain

it is the way they deign

the earth is a receptacle

it also faces a debacle

that of a receiver in a sense

that of a deceiver in pretense

the showers  fall with ease

they drive one mad in a tease

it being a likelihood all the more

it being a dissimilarity sore

the rains enrich the soil

also delude it in a foil

a strange concept in strength

yet very realistic in length.




The colours I see here

mesmerize me, my dear

the green I espied a little ago

sheds its darkness with no ego

turns light without a show

from dark to pale in a slow

a while after I perceive a change

this though not in range

looks red now not a derange

haunts me rather strange

the colour changes forth so quick

become they yellow in a tick

the leaves are no more thick

cling no more to the branches

they fall hurriedly in bunches

lay there for a rest in the trenchesAutumn colours surround the Tu Hwnt i'r Bont tearooms on the banks of the River Conwy

emanate not any stench

the transformation scene so tall

that be the glory of the fall

autumn in Canada they call.


The Bright Day.

It is a day with sunshine

almost from morning nine

bright and sunny  it is

with a blow of wind in a kiss

The people all in a mood gay

come out from their indoor stay

do a lot of cleanup in haste

not wanting to let a minute waste

with the children off to the parks  to play

and  the adults cycle  all through the day

Oh! the place rings with a vibration

the season readies itself to a  reverberation

the colours green, red and yellow queue up

as the leaves in trees  change-up

the fall as it is affectionately referred

would enter in a pace chequered.

Well! it is heavens to stay here

to see the abundant cheer

that be  Canada this day

shining in a radiant ray.



I Sit There For Long.

The fall I met with
not one of great
it be a physical
broke my leg
not actually in sense
a misstep caused the havoc
hurt in the knees
sprain or fracture
do not I know
pain turns sharp
sit there with tears.where to complain?
i sit with tears
my mother gone for long
my father also flew before her
my husband would be shocked
with the sons all far away
I sit with tears without a move
I sit there for long.


Greed Knows No Bound.

buildingThe rains came unexpected
thunder struck with a plunder
lightning was frightful
these all are Natural design

Another phenomenon accompanied
came down a building high
fell on the ground in shambles
a blast and noise unheard.

The scores of workers inside
went down the fall in panic
a hand inadvertently jutted out
knew not what for.

Shrieks and cries rose high
the expressions reflect anguish
echoed all through the wilderness
man’s greed knows no bound.

The despair is painful
the loss is irreparable
son , mother and father
either one lost one another.

The governance is at standstill
announces a compensation
Is life so cheap and worthless?
I stand aghast at the callousness.


The Bull and the Bear.

The bull and the bear
go with the stock market
the bull is aggressive
the bear is meek
the dashing bull
attacks the market
pushes it up
while the bear
in his dandy move
strikes the stocks
unable to bear its weight
they fall down
this be the play in the stocks
with the rise and fall
Know not where
the bull and bear
find their way
acronyms trigger
a wonder and a ponder.


Win Or Fall

Win or fall
be it in fields all
has a or fall


The Man Tall

download (55)The man very tall
had a great fall
he broke his bones
he being  alone
could not manage
so had to arrange
a helper to look after
being one who liked laughter
found a maid who was  quiet
she did her job quite right
the tall man got short
his tempers rose in a shot
started to torment her on and off
the woman turned to him with a scoff
not able to co-exist with her
he drove her off in the spur
Lo! the tall man lay alone
as he had broken his bone