Being A Wonder.

Being a wonder anyway

has its own flaws in the way

the entire looks beautiful

characteristics as such wonderful

the details  vary a little

the structure is brittle

yet it is a wonder anyway

the flaws disappear  on the way.



The Snobbishness As I See

The love for the big

turns an obsession  quick

could be termed an aspiration

a progress and an ambition

not so always I think

had me many a time blink

when friends talk of their riches

minding not the time in glitches

a  boast of their wealth inappropriate

even at times of loss seem inadequate

how could they delve so deep I wonder

did not the tragedy turn them realistic I ponder

could be to camouflage their grief in a way

I doubt these interpretations in  a play

as the snobbishness is interred deep in the heart

it comes not choosing the time in short

the exposition  is so bare and raw

perhaps I could dub it as a great flaw.





The Wonder.

The wonder it is

archaic it looks

pillars tall and elegant

arches intrinsic and decorative

corridors large and wide

bays lively and big

the doors magnificent and majestic

the windows subtle and strong

all the adjectives go to make

no need more qualifying words

as the wonder I see with awe

stands out without any flaw

an architectural marvel in all

should be seen by all.Opera House



An Unexplainable Feeling

A feel  I cannot explain
I am at a loss rather
Could not decipher
What could it be?
I really wonder.
I sit in a corner
Casually I gather
as my thoughts meander
down I go yonder
I sulk and garner
Sure, it is a pain
I cannot feign
I see no gain.
unexplainable feel


My Dead Granny

There was a woman

 not been known  much

 lived in oblivion 

 died so in the dark

 bore the suffering 

 tolerated the humiliation

 breathed her last seven decades ago

 comes from nowhere 

 almost like a volcano

grandchildren cry with love 

 attribute her qualities  with pride

stand  I bewildered  in shock

 the mind prods and feels stuck 

 anything gone amiss ?

 anywhere to anyone.

 Men do remember

 not in times of prosperity

 only in periods of distress

they recall the bygones 

 more so their ancestors 

This way my curiosity woDead bunniesnders

 Well, I know not why 

am I the only one to think so

 then let me be the odd one out 


The Bull and the Bear.

The bull and the bear
go with the stock market
the bull is aggressive
the bear is meek
the dashing bull
attacks the market
pushes it up
while the bear
in his dandy move
strikes the stocks
unable to bear its weight
they fall down
this be the play in the stocks
with the rise and fall
Know not where
the bull and bear
find their way
acronyms trigger
a wonder and a ponder.


The Dark Night.

Into the night
there is a dazzle
that which catches the eye
a gleam thoroughly beautiful
sat there wondering
how awesome the darkness is.

In amazement I watch the stillness
how long I stood there
I really do not know
Yet it was an exhilaration
that could be felt all the more
by just gazing at the sky.dark_knight_legacy_h_2013


The Rose On A Thorn

Seated on a thorn
the rose looks beautiful
aware of its risk
where a slight turn
this side or that
would bring a disaster.
rroseemember a delicate little flower
with its lovely colour
and soft silk like petals
finds its hold on a thorn.
Wondering how it balances
all through without getting hurt
is an enigma to me throughout
like so many other incongruities
that get on well and prosper

Child Enlightenment Enrichment Evolution Experience feelings Love Poem

Mother’s Entry

The little one was crying.
Was it for milk or anything else ?
Kept me wondering.
His cry slowly become a sob.
Was it for milk or anything else?
made me worrying.
It gradually gave way to a whimper.
Was it for milk or anything else?
I started thinking.
The whimper became a whining
Was it for milk or anything else?
The apprehension kept me on tip toe
as the mother walked in softly in a tip toe.
The baby’s whine became a smile in no time

Experience feelings Interpretation Lesson Life Poem thoughts Wish

Long Live.

Long live the King!

Long live the nation!

Longevity is a jubilation.


Live long is everyone’s wish.

Live long is everyone’s dream.

Live long for what I wonder?


Live long to fight with one another.

Live long to spend as much as possible

Live long to seek help to go about .


Live long to depend on others.

Live long to experience solitude.

Live long to wriggle in pain.


Live long to gaze at the sky.

Live long to count the stars.

Live long to talk to self.


If so long live Man!

Longevity is a jubilation.

Ain’t it?