The Wish


The unrest in the world
goes without a word
the disturbance exists
unable to resist
the governance staggers
new spark triggers
battle starts in no time
airplanes fall in a trend
innocent die in hundreds
old and young in the trend
apprehensive to fly to places
the Atlantic poses a danger in space
a route round the Pacific
turns expensive and terrific
security is the look out
Well, there should be a way-out.
Peace on earth and goodwill
should enter into the bill.
It is the wish of all in intensity
should happen with a passion.


Go With The Tide.

With a bewildering thought
he made an apprehensive start
digging into the foray
getting into the array
knowing no other avenue
got into the venue
and lost himself in the milieu
vanishing in the retinue
becoming one with a crowd
losing the identity in a shroud
as it is always easy to go with a majority
than stay back with the minority
though the minority fight for justice
which is a folly thaat would be teased
and their rising vehementally in protest
as against the destructive tests
which they had undergone and undergo
without a faltering ego.
As it looks and sounds go with the tide
is safe and secure to abide
he amalgamated himself with the winning
and in course of time would be shining.
This is what is called as real prudence.
go with a tide.

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Mother’s Entry

The little one was crying.
Was it for milk or anything else ?
Kept me wondering.
His cry slowly become a sob.
Was it for milk or anything else?
made me worrying.
It gradually gave way to a whimper.
Was it for milk or anything else?
I started thinking.
The whimper became a whining
Was it for milk or anything else?
The apprehension kept me on tip toe
as the mother walked in softly in a tip toe.
The baby’s whine became a smile in no time

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There Go The Expenses.

Expenses are too many.

They cause an agony.

They implicate an  irony.

They are as oppressive as tyranny.


Expenses  give worry.

They bring about  a hurry.

They instigate a fury.

Allowing a deep bury.




Expenses  speedily go  ahead.

As they  take away the bread.

They  demand a sizeable shred.

Cutting short the thread.


Expenses are never expected.

They come at the moment unwanted.

Casting a shadow most followed .

Finally succumbing to  a fall out.


Expenses get on the saddle.

They carry on with a paddle.

Pressurizing the entity with a rattle.

Releasing an incessant prattle.


Expenses are obtrusive.

They are mostly intrusive.

Often they are incisive.

Enforcing  a trend decisive.


Expenses are to be met.

As they are inordinately set.

They usher a fret.

Leading to  a bet.


Expenses are  always alarming.

They are more or less unnerving.

They elicit  a fear threatening.

Leaving a passionate  decrying.









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AS You Age

Age calls for attention.

There is less tension,

but more apprehension

commanding a revision,

controlling a deviation,

bringing in appreciation,

reviewing combinations,

assigning permutations,

accepting confrontations,

announcing celebrations,

expecting an invitation,

to depart.



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Sprucing Up

The garden was stocked with fallen leaves,

Gathering them up was a task in a fleece,

There was an uninterrupted fall from trees,

Leaves came down slowly after a gentle breeze.


Green and yellow leaves  lay scattered without a cease,

Twigs small and big landed down in the crease,

They made the garden look like a messy freeze,

Inadvertently it seemed an entertainment set to please.


Cleaning up was a target beyond reach,

Finding a team was a difficult breach,

The work had to be done with a screech,

As there was no time to impeach.


Like the dry leaves thoughts crowd

The mind quivers in a desperate shroud,

Sprucing it up seems to be a task loud,

Resuming equanimity is like a falling cloud. 


The imbalance strikes hard mercilessly,

Reviewing it generates apprehension enormously,

 Yet gardens could be swept and cleaned spotlessly,

 But the mind  withholds the trials though not erroneously. 




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Apprehensive Deliberations

What will be tomorrow?

Will it dawn ?

Will it set?

Will it work?

Will it bring cheer?

Will it  be disappointing?

Queries the pessimist.




The tone of not,

The sound of nay,

The inclination no,

The  wish not to,

The expectation must not,

Emanates from the hopeless.





The staggering thought,

The desperate review,

The desolate preview,

The uneasy calm.

The stifling throttle,

The sharp animosity,

Lends a suspicion.




The frozen silence,

The sickening hesitation,

The alarming sentiment,

The trembling fear,

The awkward disgust,

The dizzy nagging,

Renders a   pressure.





Living with such inkling,

Harbouring such  qualms,

Carrying such defaults

Navigating through such tides,

Negotiating such  tricky turns,

Demerits the meaning of life