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Swift —–A Scuttle

swift as a horseIt is a swift turn

sharp as it could be

a jerk and push  on the way

accelerated all through.

It is a swift action

quick as a lightning

all through in a second

speeding all through.

It is a swift speech

sudden and quick

all over in no time

spurting out all through.

It is a swift  look

in a flash and focused

penetrates all the more

scuttles in no time.

Swift like a horse they say

galloping in a trot

the slender legs move fast

a march fast in a way.

Swift you be in all

could make you tall

go about in moderate speed

would design a great deed.

Swift, of late has many more

being the bank code

a name of the car

all so many in the word swift

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Many Many Ways

waysThere is a way to live with dignity and pride
There is a way to speak with sense and sequential tide.
There is a way to behave interacting with love and charming smile
There is a way to write penning with substance and style.
There is a way to learn mastering with grace and skill.
There is a way to think deliberating with depth and differential fill.
There is a way to eat partaking with etiquette and delight.
There is a way to walk sauntering with gait and steps light.
There is a way to sit relaxing with comfort and in form.
There is a way to sleep lying down with modesty and decorum.
There is a way to dress clothing decently and without enticement.
Thee is certainly a way to die breathing out with peace and contentment.
There are ways for all things whether they be great and small.

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The Dimensions Of Half.

The conspiracy  hatched  is half way through.

The dealing is a  half-hearted attempt in view.

The discussion seems to be  half over without a clue.

The outcome is dead, half dead , true.


He enters the scene  with half a mind

He seems to be half awake not totally blind.

He looks half mad without a slightest bind.

He is partially  half dumbfounded  delivering nothing kind.




Half of anything looks good.

Half of anything appears  bad too.

Half of all things describes plenty.

Half of all things  depict a frugality  too


The price quoted is  only half the value.

  Proposing an arbitrary half pursue.

The fixation would bring half the revenue.

Recording  an unproductive reconciliation all through.





The lips curve half denoting a weary smile.

The eyes cast a half look expressing a guile.

The speech is half-baked exposing a frivolous pile.

The gait is half  strained illustrating a peevish style.


 The idea half usurps the feasibility most often.

The thought half pitches every now and then.

The outcome  half delineates an uneasiness in turn.

The plausibility of half directs an unsure  enthusiasm solemn.


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A Feverish Talk

It was a feverish talk.

It depicted a mental block.

The anger was beyond the stock.

The expressions were hideously  cocked.

It went on and on  for hours through the clock.


It was hard to listen to the verbal shout.

It was  sheer agony to hear the slanderous sort.

Impatience triggered  a mental beset.

Caution  took the bestof times  as to not to be caught.

There was a struggle in between the slot.

The annoyance was a result of an unhealthy clot.


The swearing and cursing were unbearable.

The sobbing and whimpering were intolerable.

The incessant calling was really a strain incorrigible.

An intention to bang the telephone became irresistible.

Well it was a frightful exercise all throughout the day’s table.







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Strange it is.

There was a squeak at  the door.

It was a bird  at the door.

It pecked on  the door.

 It was a rap. rapping  on the door.

The noise, then slowed down to the core.

It looked strange more and more.

The bird stopped tapping at the door.

It moved away from the door.

It then rose up in a soar.

It flew high up in the fore.

It looked familiar more and more.












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The Word.

Words do have meaning.

They possess feelings.

They issue commands.

They are never to be broken.


Word is the essence of talk.

It enhances the speech.

It adds to the charm

It lifts up the pride.


Words are not playthings.

None can play and push it apart.

None can  talk and ignore.

None can spell and forget.




Word catches up like fire.

It lasts longer than fire.

It hurts more than burns .

The resultant  wound never heals.



A word is a promise.

It has an idealistic value.

It has a classic significance.

Its claims are lofty and tall.


An irresponsible word destroys sobriety.

An irrational word hampers  harmony.

A harsh word dampens decorum.

A rude word  damages the cordiality.


Word needs a careful address.

It requires a soft semblance.

It  reflects one’s personality.

It speaks about one’s dignity.

Be careful  with your terms.

Be cautious with your speech.

Be polite in your talk.

Above all, be definite in your word.

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Sprucing Up

The garden was stocked with fallen leaves,

Gathering them up was a task in a fleece,

There was an uninterrupted fall from trees,

Leaves came down slowly after a gentle breeze.


Green and yellow leaves  lay scattered without a cease,

Twigs small and big landed down in the crease,

They made the garden look like a messy freeze,

Inadvertently it seemed an entertainment set to please.


Cleaning up was a target beyond reach,

Finding a team was a difficult breach,

The work had to be done with a screech,

As there was no time to impeach.


Like the dry leaves thoughts crowd

The mind quivers in a desperate shroud,

Sprucing it up seems to be a task loud,

Resuming equanimity is like a falling cloud. 


The imbalance strikes hard mercilessly,

Reviewing it generates apprehension enormously,

 Yet gardens could be swept and cleaned spotlessly,

 But the mind  withholds the trials though not erroneously. 




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An Allowance

Organising  a set up around,

Needs a skill

Tracking a deviation around,

Needs an extra skill,

Listening to a speech  long,

Needs patience,

Appreciating the content prolonged,

Needs extra patience,

Reading a write-up superficial,

Needs tolerance,

Closing up to the matter artificial,

Needs extra tolerance,

Comprehending concepts insensible,

Needs virtue,

Spreading themes indecent,

Needs extra virtue,

Bashing forcefully through the subjects,

Needs a firm allowance.




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The Great Wall

Walls play a vital role,

Across the countries ,

Around the houses too.



The Great Wall of China is ancient,

It is a fortification against  invasion,

Really it is a wonderful monument.


The Great Wall divides Berlin.,

A physical division of east and west,

But it is a symbolic boundary of Democracy and Communism.


Walls divide and  earmark the borders

An apparent way to limit the rightful ownership,

If not extensions would become encroachments.


Walls have other functions too,

Mental blocks build an imaginary wall,

Breaking the conducive interactions.


It is easy to bring down the brick walls,

A blow shatters them to a collapse,

Leaving the space unhindered.


It is a travail to shed the minds  abstractions,

A trigger is enough to ignite the fury,

Evolving a unceremonious flutter.


The Chinese Wall is one of the seven wonders,

The Berlin Wall has been pulled down,

The agony builds stern walls that remain forever.




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A Harangue

The speech was fiery ,

The speaker was flamboyant ,

The audience was spell bound.


The address was focused,

As it spelt a lot about deterioration,

There was an uneasy apprehension.


The  ideas were ideal,

Aiming to enhance,

Giving a space to appreciate.


The programmes were accurate,

Tending to develop,

Proposing a march ahead.


The benefits derived  are many,

Giving out promises,

Calling for an approval.


The harangue was impressive,

 As it resounded  a glory,

Eliciting a victory.


It contained  words and assurances,

It had also content and issuance,

Implying an action leading to progress.