The World Is Large And Big

The world is large and big

with multiple fixtures around

like continents and  oceans

all the ranges encircling

with the mighty oceans

breathing out and in

temperatures rising high and up

at times going beyond the freezing point

the snow falling like white flakes

with one part of the world

suffering sweltering heat

the other area standing out

with frozen icebergs

the variance keeps on the way

with the extremes sparkling

like a fantasy and a fascination

occasionally similar to a destruction

the bafflement exercises itself

with ways great and peculiar

traces  fine and  familiar

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Perceptions go for a take
and a call extraneous
making them almost spectacular.

Perceptions do differ
with extractions dissimilar
demanding an intrinsic validity.

Perceptions occasionally converge
with impressions familiar
distributing a conformity regular.perceptions



Home is Great.

The home where one is born
evokes nostalgic memories in turn
The child would not know
the place but could feel it as of now.
The familiarity would seem strange
but it does exist in a range.
The environment gets close to him
Leave alone the house be small or big
the influence is great
The cozy environment that surrounds.
The ticking of the clock that is around
the sound of the buzzer that irates
the creaking of the gate that irritates
and the movement of the people inside
with the opening of the doors in sides
and the banging of windows due to harsh wind
and the smell that comes from the kitchen in bind
gives an attachment to the child unassuming
develops a sensation of belonging to him
That be so the home becomes a second mother to child
in which he could derive strength and tenacity wildhome
where he could deliberate and deviate
where he could do what all he likes
Home is beautiful and great.

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It Is so Nowadays.

Courtesy is a rarity nowadays.

It is non-existent nowadays.

Children walk away nowadays.

Teachers cross them nowadays.

There is no greet or wish nowadays.

The boss alights  nowadays.

The staff go past him nowadays .

There is no salutation nowadays.

The seniors go unnoticed nowadays.

The juniors never look up at them nowadays.

There is no admission nowadays.

Conventions are held nowadays.

They are fully packed nowadays.

 But there is no recognition nowadays.

Familiarity is  a bane  nowadays.

It evolves  contempt nowadays.

Strangers lose their way nowadays.

They are shunned by most nowadays.

Entertainment has become gaudy nowadays

It is no longer a pleasure nowadays.

It has become a provocation nowadays.

Clients are not important nowadays.

 But their money is  essential nowadays.

Professionals lack  etiquette nowadays.

Ethics are not found nowadays.

Greed prevails over all nowadays.

Derision takes the forefront nowadays.

Discourtesy  is seen everywhere nowadays.

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Strange it is.

There was a squeak at  the door.

It was a bird  at the door.

It pecked on  the door.

 It was a rap. rapping  on the door.

The noise, then slowed down to the core.

It looked strange more and more.

The bird stopped tapping at the door.

It moved away from the door.

It then rose up in a soar.

It flew high up in the fore.

It looked familiar more and more.