Mirrors Do Not Lie.

An early marriage
and three children within ten years
placed me in a status
when I had no time to stand and stare.

Imagine I studied for the
board examinations
four times.
Each time it was different boards
I managed to come out well
my own take was honours
one another with distinction
the other two with a first class.

My sons flew from the nest
Left to me,
I started to look at the mirror quite often.

The reflection is quaint.
I see an old hag with  grey hair around the temples.
I shout”it is not me!”
Mirrors do not lie.
alphabet song Poetry

A For Apple

A for apple
shout the children in a babble
jumping on the table.

Being a song
has been there for long
the alphabet song.

A for apple


A Small House

It is a small house

a full house

with children many

all not very tiny

cheerful and alert

never in a divert

work and play

not only with clay

being the base for dollsdolls

happiness is felt in all

a great enthusiasm it is

a preference with, please

the house though small  in size

exudes warmth without a price.

Innocence. gruesome. Poetry


Hundreds of innocent children
ruthlessly massacred in broad daylight
lie dead with blood all over.

bright character dark fail. Poetry veil

The Soft She Was.

Soft she was in her talk
smile she did at any task
a tenderness not shown to all
she could also hurt in a call.

Soft she was with her children always
never did she restrict their ways
wayward they went as times passed
uncontrollable they became very fast.

Just like that she made spiteful remarks
easily she passed such in a flowing embark
never once felt she had hurt so many others
that was her character in short rather.

Her children brought her ignominy
she kept aside all those as a testimony
the failure in not chastising her kids
got compensated in all her other bids.crime_fraud3

That way she lived and passed
never thought she has trespassed
her darker side was veiled
bright side of her face failed.

Not that I want to say anything ill of her
the stab she unwittingly inflicted on others
leaves a dismay and disappointment in a tell
a stigma she has left behind her in a shell.


An Anticipation

With that goes the short sojourn
there be a winding up in the morn
a push out from the place
to a destination of grace
this be a monthly affair
a thorough up and down fare
the energy gets sapped by the move
a depleted weakness is there to prove
that is how life has been for me
travel that does not cause any glee
instead holds me with a pinch
silently borne with a twinge
have to endure for reasons best known
tolerated for my children in great tone.
By this if they gain immensely
my sacrifice would have a meaning naturally.
Wish this ordeal gets over in a short time
so that I could repose with a good chime.
Hope my prayers should be answered quickly
an anticipation loaded with great anxiety.


Bringing Up Children

bringing up children

Spend more time with your children

that would be for a promise

looking after them with care

would prove to be a bliss.

Spend time not money on them

as the attention you devote necessarily

hastens in a great progress definitely

that would be an achievement in the float.

Spending money on them and on their wish

could lead them to a growth phenomenal

being like a cat on the wall watching deliberately

aiming on a rise or a slip into a fall.

The extravaganza you put forth

putting them in expensive boarding schools

pulls them off from you two-fold

creating a distance in proximity and affection.

Pampering them with largess in all

Settling them in comforts in full

reposes them in a faith untoward

they not knowing the reality in an entertain.

That be the way to bring up children

monitoring them closely yet away

being not an expense too much nor too little

a balanced juxtaposition that would delight.


The Tree Calls.

The   trees  in the garden

 called me near with a request

 hearing their call I went closer

 they bent down to talk to me 

I stood on my heels to reach them

 they bent into half  or even lower

still could not reach me

 I trying to lift  my heels 

could push no further

we , both at different levels

 being able to hear each other

 got into the conversation

 with the tree asking me 

 never to cut her  or uproot her

 as she is my well-wisher

 and would prove a great asset 

with her branches wide and largedownload (65)

 warding off the dust  and pollution

remain faithful to my children also.

Stroking her with love 

I assured her that I would never do harm 

as I relish her company more than anything.




The Innovative Kids

the kids are playing around

what a cacophony they make

shrills110823234__323253c of joy rant around

cries of pain resonate through

with a great willingness

they enter the field

with a greater exhaustion

they depart from the place.

looking at them ,I wonder

not on their enthusiasm

that be found in youngsters

not on the stamina they hold

that to be part of the youth

but on their creativity

how many ways they find out

how many way outs they discover

that too being so small

many of them just the age of six

I feel ashamed of me

having been living long

have not thought of anything new

going by the same procedure

set out by the elders

calling myself traditional and conservative.

Really ,I hold no equal to the little ones

out there causing a cacophony .


He Is A Man

Daring he went in

where the house  caught fire

without any thought he moved in

minding not the flames that raged  with ire

caring  not his life that is precious  although .


He broke open the house

locked by the parents a few minutes from now

keeping the children  inside the house

as they being working all time  for income low

both venturing out for  a short break although


The man opposite seeing the fire

rushed in and broke open the door

which would have turned to be a pyre

had he not  broke open  the door

seeing  the two children  sitting although.


Seated where the mother had placed them

scared to see the flames going high

made no noise as they saw death  around the

waiting for their mom to come after the buy

the kids frozen to death although.


He flung the door and darted in

pulled the kids and perched them on his shoulders

took a sharp turn  and ran hearing no din

at the same time came down the boulders

a miraculous escape it was although.



What an attempt  it was I stood  amazed .

What a man , my heart cries out to him

What a life for the toddlers who still are dazed

The act made me understand that people like him

still live in this world of deceit and greed. burning housealthough.