A School

A school is to learn

what you wish

what you want to

never to earn

that be my wish

as I like to

study in one such one

know it is too late

still want to very much

go to a school  as one

does not pulls into the gate

find none of such

a kind I wish to see

as it would turn a bliss

become an ecstasy

make every child not to flee

but hop into with a glee .School






Not Anymore.

The clock strikes seven
ding dong goes its bell
I used to be in a hurry
not so anymore

The seven in the morning
a crucial time long back
with children at home
not so anymore.

The morning call at seven
a hectic time long before
the school bus honked so loud
not so anymore.

The alarm went mad at seven
ran here ran there long ago
my boys jumped over the fence
not so anymore.

The seven past in the morning
heaved a sigh of relief years back
with my boys packed to school
not so anymore.

Now the seven, or eight in the morning
I watch the school buses ply up and down
my sons not around me to get ready
very different all the more.

school bus

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The Primary School Next Door

The primary school next to my house
presents a picture of grouse
space very limited for improvement
children stay in without movement
the teachers shout from morn to evening
the children follow with no understanding
it is mechanical, mind you
a recital without a clue
begins with the vernacular
goes with English in a manner jocular
then comes the counting in rote
with the rhymes in a shrieky note
on the whole, it is chaos
till the evening when the little oneshouse turned school bid cheerio
a great relief to me from the din and noise
and to the kids from the venue of their parent’s choice

Innocence. gruesome. Poetry


Hundreds of innocent children
ruthlessly massacred in broad daylight
lie dead with blood all over.


Off To School

I know a little girl
who never cried going to school.
It is quite unusual, I believe
as I had three boys
who brought the roof down
while they first left for school
They cried and wept
groaned and shouted
banging the floor
refusing to get into the car.
The drive was so unpleasant
with sobs and whimper
finally the drop in school
being the worst
as I have to drag them inside.
Well, that was decades back.
This little girl goes happily
returns home with the same happiness
enjoying every thing there
feeling very independent and not scared
while being resolute in her demands
and definite in her movements ready for school
she celebrates each day with cheer
a different set and mould in the offing.


The School Days,

Growing up with the years
becoming a girl with cheers
life moved on without any tears
getting into school as be the trend
holding mama’s saree end
sitting aloof from the girls
who call me to play
But with a sad face and a sob
I refuse to take them
Few days go by as I stay in the block
with an unfriendly move and restricted talk
Then gradually got into the stream
as days become months
Becoming a popular girl with a beam
with qualities of leadership latent till now
rose to lead the school with a glow
elected as a school pupil leader with great majority
Many unknown faces turned familiar
while extending a warm cordiality to all
resorted to helping them if they met with a fall
both academically and financially without a call
It was a change metamorphic shy unfriendly girl transformed
and reaches the highest level in a space of a decade.Schoolgrads12_andrews_pic
Those days keep ringing in memory now and then
hard to claim them once again.


The School Days

The age-old days in school
lends a wonder and an amaze
The time at school was great
with friends and books
Knowing not any other things
passed the days in mere glee
laughing with mirth and grace.

The periodical tests and examinations
brought fear and anxiety
but they lived short as getting a grade
was never a problem
The friends I had were cheerfully brilliant
a circle we formed in which we thrived

Exchanges of ideas went through in ease
Studying together saw through a brief
then got separated as it proved a tease
Listening in class and going through the class work
was the only work we together did
Did not burn the midnight oil or got up early
on any day to get through.

Days passed easy and light
with no demand and work tight.
Worked moderate, school daysplayed well
getting along in every year with a distinction.
Nothing to worry as there was no demand from parents
No promises to keep and no failures to meet
the days passed on acquiring wisdom.

The friends circle has gone to places long and far
having lost touch with them renders a feel sad.
Each one would have grown with the years
would be hard to recognise with greying hair
and with weightier physique and different outlook.
while having borne the yoke with care and worry
would have taken the toll of their liveliness.
The cheer would have been replaced by fear
as the age advances taking us all to the grave near.

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TheTrauma Of Being A Woman.

Gender still holds preference.

Male has a high predominance.

Female  holds a low reference.


Family  considers boys as  precious gift.womandiscrimination

Girls  are deemed as absolute pressure.

The distinction is  found in every measure.


Schools  give importance to boys.

The girls excel in performance.

Even so they fall back in prominence.


The male oriented society  perceives different.

Men are  physically strong and daring.

Women look frail and fearing.


Man take the upper hand all throughout.

Their decisions they ascribe pave the way to  progress.

They push down the woman into  a  breathless repress.


The fairer sex   seeks  recognition.

Their workings are mostly without  blemish.

Yet their image gets tarnished.


Tarnished they live. in anguish.

Their thoughts suffer a damage.

Their body succumbs to a  hemorrhage.


The world  has gone through a revolution,

Economy has changed to a global  symposium

Sex till today implicates a  feverish delirium.


The women face violence at every juncture.

Brutal rapes are becoming a common fixture.

The devastation of young girls calls for a biblical texture.












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Are Schools Really Seats of Learning?


Article first published as Are Schools Really Seats of Learning? on Blogcritics.


Schools are seats of learning. They should inculcate values and establish reason while imparting education. The personality, as a whole, should undergo a development.

The child in school has to blossom into a beautiful individual endowed with refinement and sharpened wit. Academic excellence alone should not be the prime criterion, as it can be anybody’s achievement once you rely on learning by rote, revisiting the subjects often, and taking innumerable tests and examinations. Top grades have become the targets of modern schools, which try to churn out products in quantity tagged with high scores, very much akin to industries producing goods.

Industry aims at profit and looks out for competition. If the industrial houses slacken their productivity their existence in this highly competitive world becomes a question mark. They have to service loans borrowed from financial institutions, pay wages to their workers, buy raw materials, maintain quality, pay power charges, and spend on research and building infrastructure to survive in the marketplace. As their demands are high, they concentrate on production.

Schools do not have such compulsions. Production should not be their aim. Quality should come first. The teacher should teach the child in depth, not look into the grades. The pupil should understand the subject before he or she is tested on it. The child should enjoy learning, which leads to a love of the subject. It is the teacher who makes a lesson interesting or boring. A monotonous lecture confined to the subject renders it extremely uninteresting. An hour of lecture should contain a pep talk, a discussion relevant to the subject, then take up the core lesson followed by a short question and answer period.

The last period of every school day should be allotted to games, moral science, library, hand work, debating, and quizzing. The students’ work should be displayed in the classroom ando remain there for the term. Parents should be invited to see their child’s performance. This would develop bonding, a grip over the child, and a rapport with the teachers.

How many schools do these things? The child right from kindergarten is subject to tests. Examinations bring in fear. The small child undergoes a tedium that robs him of his childhood fancy and imagination. He becomes a live gadget and assumes a mechanical style of living. He gets up in the morning, rushes to school, listens to the teachers, comes back home, does homework, and prepares for tests. His eyes automatically close, leaving him a hapless child devoid of freedom and enjoyment.

The parental pressure on the child is enormous. They impose their aspirations on him. They want him to become an engineer or a medical professional so that he can turn out to be an income generating machine. The child has no choice. He has to obey his parents. The child has to study irrespective of his wishes, and graduates as an engineer or doctor. Thus begins his ordeal of making money. He does so and builds wealth. He has sacrificed his interests and love. He has lost his childhood happiness which will never come back at any price.

Nowadays schools are run as businesses. Education has become expensive. It is an economic novelty bound by no principles. It is a great money spinner. Many with little education establish schools, as they yield enormous revenue. The world has found a technique based not on science or commerce, but on the fundamentals of desire and greed.

Schools  are apparently great enchanters attracting the public with their intrigue and seducing them by their fanciful advertisements and misleading pro formas.


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Schools Of Yester Year.

Years ago children loved school,

it was another home to them,

Learning was never cumbersome,

It rendered a development wholesome.


Children learnt with ease,

Numbers were easily mastered,

Letters were finely read,

Everything went directly to the head.


Learning was both study and play,

Simple practices enabled counting

Carry over was established in adding,

Take away was used in subtracting.


Language  became a felicitous facility,

Grammar opened up the intricacies,

Usage delivered the delicacies,

Communication became relevancies.


It was an enjoyable experience,

The teacher and taught worked together,

There was no pressure or ill feeling rather,

It was a perfect harmony altogether.