Not Anymore.

The clock strikes seven
ding dong goes its bell
I used to be in a hurry
not so anymore

The seven in the morning
a crucial time long back
with children at home
not so anymore.

The morning call at seven
a hectic time long before
the school bus honked so loud
not so anymore.

The alarm went mad at seven
ran here ran there long ago
my boys jumped over the fence
not so anymore.

The seven past in the morning
heaved a sigh of relief years back
with my boys packed to school
not so anymore.

Now the seven, or eight in the morning
I watch the school buses ply up and down
my sons not around me to get ready
very different all the more.

school bus

Nature Poetry

Nature At Its Best.

it was thirty minutes past four
well into the early morning
between dark and dawn quite cold
with none of the humans up and around
the world was busy otherwise in a get up
the birds were ready for their fare
their cackle and chirp bustling in a bound
there were the others insects moving up and down
enjoying the beauty and serenity together
a wonderful thoroughfare was in the hub
an orchestral music being played with interest
without the interference of man’s artificial signsearly morning
hoots and honks, fumes and dust all prevalent
it is the nature in all wholly at its best.


It Is One Of Joy.

It is a beautiful May morning

the sun is in its full strength

could see  the joy around in full length

the eyes of the children are sparkling

while they go up and down in the swing

they count the moves up to the tenth

they sigh and let out their breath

as they go high up all giggling

it is a pleasure to watch them play

not they know beyond that

a momentous rejoice it seems

an experience that stays for the day

not bothered of any other thing after that

peace transcends subtly in a seam.

children in swing.


Too Early

It was too early
three in the morning
sleeping soundly with no dreams fairly
with the night still intense and dark ranging
got a call from an unknown land
the ring going on for a minute in length
a long one breaking the stillness in a disband
reluctantly got up from the bed without strength
answered the call still sleepy and eyes closed
could not identify the caller with a force
who spoke of publishing in detail notes
knowing not what she was telling in course
politely told her it is too early for me
both to listen and respond exactly
with that my sleep bade farewell
leaving me lie down looking at the ceiling dreadfully.early


Hey ! Normal Day

The day with a peculiarity 

not one with the day-to-day

very different from the daily

that being one of an event

might sound very odd and silly

but it being true and genuine

the wake up for the day

being very early before sunrise

when still there being a little darkness


with the sun seen nowhere

it is an experience by itself

having the early morn for yourself

with none to share the bliss

not even the birds being out

nor any sign of human movement

with the dogs after the vigil

sleeping pretty heavy in the porch

a delightful ecstasy it is

and having been alive for so long

this day becomes unusually important

with beautiful interpretation

that could be better felt than expressed. early morning


The News Paper In The Morn

The crack I heard 

made a sound so strange

making me to be on toes

not knowing from where it came

stood almost motionless for a time

while my thoughts made their own story ‘

that being a crash of the roof

a collapse that is coming down

while I being trapped in the ruins

with no help in the proximity

not even able to shout for help

as my voice got stifled in between

that be the end of me cried my soul

which had readied itself to fly

leaving my mortals under the roof

with none to claim it

as my  imagination was building up

my reality came into existence

finding myself standing where I am

intact full of flesh and bone

nothing wrong has taken place

except a creaking sound from the  iron gate

where the paper boy 123612816_amazoncom-lad-o-the-hillsnewspaper- has thrown the news paper

with that begins the day of work

that is my routine all through the years

first  in the morning going through the news

be it how many gadgets come up

with news getting  flashed up all  day and night

the paper in hand in the morning

has been my delight all my life

as you know habits die-hard,



The Morning Call

The morning works out for calls

which rolls out like balls78d69f40906679a976dc4d45cebffbe6-morning-call

with the appointments in the follow

and nothing could go through the hollow

each being important and vital

one has to go up by the title

arranging the alibi by importance

and then going by the relevance

there arises a multiplication of prompts

that go with the highest fonts

a great vigilance has to accompany

that should not relax the symphony

likewise the execution has to be underway

stumbling on no obstacle in the pathway

a meticulous effort goes ahead in the program

making the morning a time for instagram





The December Morning

A beautiful morning it is

chill and breezy all it is

with the whiff of fresh air

comes the dawn all fair

the trees bow down as the wind blows north

they rise up with the wind blowing south

the oscillation gives a soft cajole

leaving us  refreshed on the whole

then come the birds that chatter with glee

flocking with their kin on a tree

with that there heralds children’s voices

rushing out to play in the place of their choices

that be the cold December morning

which  throws out  images (40) a joyful glistening



Early In The Morning

Being early in the morning

got up with a yawning

listening to the birds cackling

hearing the hooting

quickly rising

rushed to the opening

as someone stood calling

very early in the morning.



Who is it ? said I

paying a significant  apply

steadying myself in a shy yawning

looking through the door’s eyes

saw a big fat guy

appearing tall and high

breathing heavily with a sigh

as if he is going to die.


A Morning

It being a  gay morning

with the birds joyfully  chirping

the wind  noiselessly whispering

the sun lazily rising

the donkeys  constantly braying

the horses frequently  galloping

the dogs randomly   barking

the street  vendors incessantly  shouting

the children  soundly sleeping

the  women busily  cooking

the men tenderly  gardening

the day extensively  stretching

with activities  sleepingdramatically lessening

as it being a Sunday in the opening.