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Two Little Birds.

Two little birds on the wall

a sign of happiness in all

a strange inference I believe

nothing much it gives.


They know not what we think

sit there and  nicely blink

could have come for a rest

only they know the reason best.


We are clever in interpretations

could be a gift of the imagination

an ordinary event gains importance

like that of birds on the wall in reference.




The Imagination Wonderful

The imagination is found no more
as there is a scarcity of thoughts.
it is the fantasy that picks up
a scenery that works up
goes the mind with them
in multiples of tens and hundreds
assigning a glow to the small flower
that otherwise would have gone unnoticed
ascertaining a cheer to the event
which would have passed of as nothing
the volume and intensity go up to create
a wonderful picturesque exuberance
so much to say imagination should be productive
to enhance the glory and bliss around you.download (44)

The News Paper In The Morn

The crack I heard 

made a sound so strange

making me to be on toes

not knowing from where it came

stood almost motionless for a time

while my thoughts made their own story ‘

that being a crash of the roof

a collapse that is coming down

while I being trapped in the ruins

with no help in the proximity

not even able to shout for help

as my voice got stifled in between

that be the end of me cried my soul

which had readied itself to fly

leaving my mortals under the roof

with none to claim it

as my  imagination was building up

my reality came into existence

finding myself standing where I am

intact full of flesh and bone

nothing wrong has taken place

except a creaking sound from the  iron gate

where the paper boy 123612816_amazoncom-lad-o-the-hillsnewspaper- has thrown the news paper

with that begins the day of work

that is my routine all through the years

first  in the morning going through the news

be it how many gadgets come up

with news getting  flashed up all  day and night

the paper in hand in the morning

has been my delight all my life

as you know habits die-hard,


Rules And Freedom

The concepts and prescriptions get you tied up.
The themes and traditions restrict your approach.
A free flow with an enlarges sway keeps you on the move.
That which falls under any code lends a boundary.
That which follows the rules suppresses your creativity.
The well-kept garden is a lovely scenario.
The forest in its naturel growth is a fascination.
Therein comes the difference of rules and freedom.
Let the imagination go up and down in its own extension
let it grow sideways too with an elaboration
nothing wrong in doing so as there arises an infinitive
something great would descend from somewhere unassuming
with a fantasy and delight hl2_concept_81keeping us in great stride.

Come Down

You living in a world of dreams.
and living in a glass house
while building castles in the air
galloping fast on the horse
that is saddled with imagination
come down to the present
not on a horse or on the wings
just take a stroll round the town
walking at your own pace and style
not with great hurry but in leisure
you would get an experience new
that of hunger and disease
with deficit and death all over
where the inflation has played havoc
where there is no economy or financials
that of the research, analysis and thesis
but abject poverty and abominable rejection
where people are lying on roads begging for food
and playing music for a penny
are the many expressions that escape your attention
rather do not exist in your lexicon.
Let me tell you have a look at all these
and violintell me what you feel.

There You Are.

Seeing what is there
commenting about it
without any extra details
describing as it is
making nothing more of it
tells you are prosaic.

Seeing what is there
adding imagination to it
coloring it beautifully
allowing it to take wings
making the most of it
emphasizes you as a poet.

Seeing what is there
enjoying it for itself
loving it more and more
depicting it with gesticulations
making it an experience
finds you as a dramatist.

The three perceptions
basically tell the same
but one with a reality
another an exaggeration drama
and the last one an entertainment
all that pointing to the very same

A Story Is Born.

Rummaging through the books,

Perusing the daily news,

Going through the events,

Compiling the instances,

Connecting the anecdotes,

 I Wove a story.


It is not everything real,

It is half true, half imaginary,

Imagination is colourful,

It spices and spruces the truth,

Adds flavour and suspense to reality,

Thus the fabrication goes.


Names are changed to protect privacy,

Episodes are added to get away from the track,

Period is altered to give a differential  timing,

Places are changed to strengthen the variation,

Thus the story is born.