Nice to be reviewed
nicer to be not reviewed
at times meaningless comments
come up and torment
write a poem as it comes
do not bother what next comes
it is your mind that works all along
do not wait for criticism any long.


A Puritan He Thinks.

A comment  right into the vein

sharp and incisive in a strain

pierces the heart and goes beyond

comes then assuage all in the  round

never could reconcile in the same

nor could  accept it without a blame

yet he speaks like a puritan in general

in truth, he is a cynic of a way in plural.





The Comment Unsolicited.

Heard a comment  the day before

one of great value in a suppose

came from a man of great experience

a senior man he is with a critical eye

known for his remarks wholly abusive

never could he see the best in all

searches for the unseen through the veil

points his fingers at the links not thought of

feels he is above all  being  a trace of omnipotence

found too much in his authoritative moves

crosses beyond the  line of his status

being not a boss or a chief  but a subordinate







My Style.

Didactic, preachy,
laborious, round about
comes the accusation
not in this platform didacticbut elsewhere
with reference to my poems
telling a simple thing
with lot of gerunds
and in a round about way
add to the complaint
looking at them felt worried
then brushed aside the criticism
as I feel I write out of passion
write for my satisfaction
not for money or fame
if round about be not to their appeal
let it be so as I continue to write
I am happy for whatever it is
let that be the end.


The Dashboard

Dashing through the board 

I hit upon the dashboard

which has a record of mine

that being my posts in a twine

all  that be the views for the day

the comments  in a way

all in one form and design

that has been great and dwarf

with that of my counterparts

who do shine far more superior

greater in their popularity

and greatest in their reach

I see them with wide open eyes

as the dashboard tells them

with a statistics and graph

tdownload (43)hat has been a straight hit

that takes me by bit

and prompts me to rummage through

with a reinforced gusto all over.


Comment Inauspicious.

inauspicious comment.Every other thing passed unnoticed

except the one  very insignificant

that of a remark slight and  immaterial.

The place where it was said took  the arterial

while the way it was  spelt looked  indecent

The comment became inauspicious most recent

as it went through many voices in turn

taking an innocuous trend  and burnt.

Words once uttered become not ours

but take the identity of the course

releasing a morbidity and disaster

making the receiver wreath  in pain thereafter.


There You Are.

Seeing what is there
commenting about it
without any extra details
describing as it is
making nothing more of it
tells you are prosaic.

Seeing what is there
adding imagination to it
coloring it beautifully
allowing it to take wings
making the most of it
emphasizes you as a poet.

Seeing what is there
enjoying it for itself
loving it more and more
depicting it with gesticulations
making it an experience
finds you as a dramatist.

The three perceptions
basically tell the same
but one with a reality
another an exaggeration drama
and the last one an entertainment
all that pointing to the very same