My Style.

Didactic, preachy,
laborious, round about
comes the accusation
not in this platform didacticbut elsewhere
with reference to my poems
telling a simple thing
with lot of gerunds
and in a round about way
add to the complaint
looking at them felt worried
then brushed aside the criticism
as I feel I write out of passion
write for my satisfaction
not for money or fame
if round about be not to their appeal
let it be so as I continue to write
I am happy for whatever it is
let that be the end.


The Divine Garden

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A beautiful garden there

with flowers very rare

shining in the glare

looking very fair

that being tended with care

enlightens the spirit

as we get close to it

enjoying it bit by bit

I relax there and sit

I sat there very long

with a sense of belong

as the garden was like a song

where the birds throng

the tiny insects buzz around

not flying out of bound

enraptured in such musical sound

I lift my eyes and look around

the night has fallen slowly

the sun has gone lowly

everything appears holy

as I stand up to walk past the garden.


My Intention

With a withdrawal from the family

as had had an overdose of suffering

finding peace in writing

intending to stay away from the near and dear

if  at all they do nurture love

as in my case the truth

being it is always one way so

as I had had enough of it

a toss ,a fall, a push out

with many an episode not forgotten

subjected to humiliation

subdued by outbursts

maintaining silence

just for the peace

wanting not to break the harmony

had been so long  quiet and sullen

now turning into a solemn Solomon

with the wisdom getting into the brains

decided to shun those  who have caused injury

discard those who have thrown tempers

not wanting to talk to anyone

whatever might be the outcome

remain stoic and strong

as the balance of life  is but very little and short

an enlightenment that has  come at a very late moment

be it fo good or badwithdrawal I really do not know.





Meenu’s Feeling.

stars  shining and glittering  

moon shining

sun shining heavily

the day is finishing  quickly

my heart is sparkling

Ifeel like laughing

I feel happy when I see

because you are my grandmother.

you always make me happy.

you tell nice things about me.

you always shine in my eyes.


Ichuckling will always be with  you for a feeling.

I always think a about you in my present.

I hope you understand me forever.

love meenu


A poem written by my grand daughter  showing her feelings towards me.



Nice is a simple word
with lot of meaning
carrying innumerable connotations
interpreting various expressions
enumerating different ideas
elucidating numerous thoughts
expressing multitude of feelings
standing for both likes and dislikes
indicating good and bad
involving great and small
all of them in a word
all of them comprised
all of them compressed
with the word “Nice”.
A personification of simplicity
nice,you go onice_quotes_wal_08ut nicely
with a nice smile and a cheer nice too.


Everything is Not right.

The thought of setting things right
The mood to straighten them right
The feeling to get out of the mess right
has slowly left her in the moment right.

Making things work with discipline right.
Taking things forward without any pull back right.
Has taken her toll all through the years right.
and the inkling to end up with a success has left her right.

Bimages (98)earing taunts and criticism she worked right.
Ignoring the tease and mockery she went ahead right.
Beaten up badly she tried to reassure right
but now the intention to hold things together has left her right.

Treated like a slave all through her life right
Finding fault with her when things do not go right.
Assuming credit when everything goes in the track right
Has sent her long to a place far away right.

Living physically among the crowd now right
while the mind saunters in a land distant right.
She has to carry on silently all the more right.
waiting for an eternal exit soon right.

Actions Environment Nature Sunday.

It Was A sunday.

It was a quiet day.
Is it a Sunday?

None walked down the street all day.
No cars hooted during the course of the day.

Nothing to diffuse the serenity of the day
except the rustling of leaves in the alley,
humming a melodious tune to the breezy wave.

No other thing to distract the quietness
except the murmuring of the river with an eagerness
repeating the flow in a sequential liveliness,

None the less the day passed on untainted.
The day folded naturally without being garishly painted.
The serenity released a sombre feeling much awaited

Actions Experience turmoil

Let Out

Feeling lonely is a let out,

Fighting singly is a let out,

Working alone is a let out,

Thinking different is a let out,

Smiling to oneself is a let out,

Crying uncontrollably is a let out,

Living away is a let out,

Moving ahead is a let out

Speaking truth is a let out,

Fuming with anger is a let out,

Everyone lets you out,

As you find no solace all throughout.


Actions thoughts turmoil Wisdom

A Little Thought

Can we not think about others?

Can we not feel for others?

Can we not help others?

Can we not love others?

Can we not ,can we not?

The heart cries with a vibrance.



Is it not sad to see a flower wither?

Is it not painful to look at  a tree  rot?

Is it not desperate to view a parched earth?

Is it not wrenching to watch an animal suffer?

Is it not frustrating to  witness a man die?

Is it not , is it not?

The heart wails with despair.



Do everyone feel the same manner?

Do all experience the same way?

Do most pass  through  same  passage?

Do  the majority go through the cycle?

Do they ,do they?

The heart mourns in anguish



A little consideration takes you a long way,

A little  patience leads you to  happiness,

A little feeling brings in joy

A little  love endorses a loveliness,

A little , A little,

The mind cheers up the heart.