Mother’s Song

Singing to her baby
a lullaby they say
she sings not from prescribed verse
makes her own song spontaneously
loads them with her feelings
adds her love to the baby
tells how she brought him into the world
speaks of her pains and aches
how she finally gave birth to the little one
a lovely expression set to no musical tune
accompanied by no beat or rhythm
touches the heart of the listener
putting the babe to a sound sleep
the song, no lullaby, tells a lot
a different song with a distinctive tunemother's song


Preferences In The Way

The desire to go out
that being a compulsion  throughout
be it a neccessity or not ina close
getting out of the house
turns an obsession all throughout.

This be the thought of many
the deisre being not funny
catches itself like a fire
sets in a glow without tire
a firm outlook in a way.

A few feel not so
preferring to sit at home
settled in the comfort zone
enabling a procure with a  phone
a strange phenomenon in the fray.

They being quiet and calm
taking life in its form
seeking the solace at home
getting things done without a roam
a curious being seen less in the routine.

The preferences go with the individual
that being so in every ritual
be it in shopping download (22)or entertainment
presenting an attachment or detachment
claiming a distraction without a stray.


I Have Won

I have won.

Really,I have won.

It being an award

which is its own reward.

I  stand  tall and proud

among the learned  crowd.

I think of my  cute blog

I usually  log

not once or twice

but by I have won how many tries

I really do not know

as it is my  resting place and  flow

where my thoughts gather

where I sit for hours rather

writing what all I experience

not bothered about their relevance

It being a canvas little and colourful

wherein my feelings get sketched in full

not with paint and caricatures

but with words and  features

extolling the greatness of nature

enhancing the  human qualities in stature

finding myself occupied all through the day

at times in the nights too in a way

with my children all  living far

with no duties and customs  to bar

I keep on writing  with a fervour

with my mind always in a hover

while my body is at  a position static

my thoughts go about ecstatic

therein comes the creativity in hand

which slowly and gradually disbands

with the expressions come my reflections

one by one they fall into places  in conjunction

with the language with which I am familiar

being a perception that might be unfamiliar

I write  for long casting my spontaneous feelings

deftly and skilfully adorning my ramblings

finding a place in the word press platform

that inadvertently has lent a lively form

with that my poetic sojourn which began  a few years  ago

is rising up to levels  not very great but remarkable in the go

with my followers increasing slowly and steadily

while most of my poems gaining  readership readily

my tryst with writing has started off though late

I hope would stand the test of times and find a rate

being appreciated for its simplicity and lyricism

along with the dominance of  rhythm and  surrealism.

With winning  this award  as a senior I stand with pride

recalling the day I clinched the University  top rank in glide

memories keep gushing one after another  in great stride

raising me aloft and high with an  applause and appreciation by the side.











The Power Of Love.

A call in the early hours

came from a senior lady

not for anything serious

but for a help really

though not a very big obligation

nor an expensive deal rather

being a small purchase in supposition

that of a zari dhoti   in grandeur

she still is overseeing meticulously

the husband’s  need  in detail

wanting to complete his  wardrobe carefullyzari

with this special buy in retail

loving to see him attired so  finely

for the forthcoming festival

Diwali  the  one of lights  mainly

expressing her love for him subtly.







Nice is a simple word
with lot of meaning
carrying innumerable connotations
interpreting various expressions
enumerating different ideas
elucidating numerous thoughts
expressing multitude of feelings
standing for both likes and dislikes
indicating good and bad
involving great and small
all of them in a word
all of them comprised
all of them compressed
with the word “Nice”.
A personification of simplicity
nice,you go onice_quotes_wal_08ut nicely
with a nice smile and a cheer nice too.

Actions Experience fall feelings Life Lost Poem thoughts True

There Sits the Child.

A child over there,

 sits in a corner,

with nothing to share,

looks like a loner,

none to care,

expresses a sordid  groan,

nervous  like a hare,

crys like a mourner,

confined to a bare,

thinking aloud  no sooner,

falls  down in scare,

collapsing every other in a flare,

well, that is  the end of the fair.




Age Enlightenment Enrichment Experience Interpretation Lesson Looks Read smile thoughts turmoil

A Smile Is A Smile.

A smile is a smile to me,

it is an expression of happiness,

It looks so to me,

See beyond it,say many

There would be a tinge of joy,

There would be a trace of melancholy,

it would bear an outline of anger,

it would conceal a violent temper,

it would camouflage ignorance,

it would also hide a vengeance,

If that is so, I feel,

the smile is no longer a smile.


Actions Bubble reverberation subscriptions


Bubbles of gas jump out  with joy,

A pop sound bursts out in a coy,

Making a fizzle and a drizzle,

Over the face in a close nestle.


The fuming liquor murmurs awhile,

Frothing in the surface with a travail,

Shooting up in a quixotic rush,

Settling down with an almost silent hush.


Likewise the mind jostles in mad  enthusiasm.

Overwhelming the expressions with a pointed schism,

Galloping in a quickened  trotting  movement,

Living in a world of dream and entertainment.


The bewilderment lasts for a temporary phase,

The enchantment fades off in an effusive trace,

Revelling in a state of heavenly ecstasy,

Subsiding to a trend of subdued frenzy.



Pop goes the gas with a start,

Down ,down does it get down in a dart,

Hurrah cries the heart in the start,

Lo!Lo! does it slips down in a blot.