baseless. Poetry scream yell

The Anger

The anger is seen in his face

red turns it in  a trace

words jump out in speed

not polite indeed!

the voice rises high

seems to reach the sky

it is accusations

be it allegations

baseless in all ways

not worthy in a place

yet the shout goes on

with even more volume to don

will it end? at any time

the clock keeps on its chimes

the yell gets going for hours together

hurlsanger scathing attacks rather.


Blood For Bread—– Allegory

it is a bread

an ordinary bread

not a whole loaf of bread

but a morsel of bread

that led to a blood

gory and fierce blood

a splatter all over of blood

fearful sight of blood

the fight for the bread

brought out this blood

humanity and its bred

demand the blood

for a piece of bread

hunger and anger instead

want bread and blood

ends up with a lot of blood

but without  a piece of bread.Blood for bread.

ghostly indulgence. infraction Poetry pressure

The Anger With A Pang

It is anger that kills you

 the fury and temper

 with a vigour devours you

attacks  in  a bunch altogether

clad the robes of pressure and infraction

undress and expose your real skin

the make dos seal you to a traction

you turn a fish without a fin

the pangs  of temper dismantle your  covetous

the devastation expresses a distraughtness

the angst  distracts the  attention from the focus

 as could be seen only in a ghostly indulgence



My Cook Contradicts

Arguments with my cook
go on forever and ever
today it started off
for a simple issue of sugar
I lose my temper in the quick
spell out bitter words
while he gets worked up
and grumbles to himself
It starts in a way
when I say with anger
I gave a cup of sugar
only yesterday
he refutes quickly
with a retort sharp
saying it was day before yesterday
emphasises each and every word
that too in tone high
with a pause and a drag
infuriates me very badly
cookI shout at him
and he keeps on mumbling
the hour turns unpleasant
as the sugar loses its sweetness
and becomes stale and tasteless.


A Freak

A man was seething with anger

he was looking daggers

Eyes were blood-shot


Calling everything foul.

Accusing everyone faulty

Alleging a child too finally.


The cause not known.

It must be deep and bad

It should be intense and sad.


Gathering around found

He has lost financially

now deemed a bankrupt. officially.


Despondency makes him so.

desolation reaps  an indignation

Failure results in depression.


That be the reason for his anger.

Fuming and fretting all the while

not able to come to terms  in the guile


The crisis is so serious and grave

His waywardness brought him  low

ditching him down  in slow.


Redemption is beyond means

nothing could bring change

He has turned a freak. in a range.


The mind can make

a man or mar him greatly

he being doomed  lately.


The tomb was his creation

built brick by brick disobeying law

by his folly and flaw


Fallen a prey to his vices

lost his identity in the crucial swing

now stands yelling and shouting.






Started To Write A Poem

I started to write a poem
with keen insight diligently
halfway through
my heart cried
not at all nice.

Stroke everything off
and wrote once again
with descriptions
and scenic presentations
not at all good
said the heart.

Erasing everything
from of the paper
and from the mind
added the rhyme scheme
and elaborated the story
Oh! very bad  , so very bad
exclaimed the heart.

Disappointed  I threw
everything into the bin
went to sleep in disgust
with seething anger
cursing my inaptitude
fearing that I have lost
the heart chuckled. 


Why do you kill me?
asked I in indignation
not allowing me to live
nor die in peace
leave me alone
I shouted loudly
the heart mocked at m
I told all these it said
just for fun.




Hate And Grasp

Hate she says
Grasp not entirely he feels
where do the hate and grasp come ?
it being a simple thing as such
talking about the images (46)pent-up anger
that rises up and flies on all sides
making him stagger and looking daggers
his anger gets clustered on the nose’s edge
revealing a ghastly sight and demeanour
this brings in a hatred in her
not full understanding for him
after expressing it so bitterly
they come with apologies
falling from the mouth
and putting forth a big sorry
which brings in a lowly
demeaning attitude
when there being words
soft and sullen really
the way they gave out
created a displeasure
that of great despair.  


Anger On Nose Tip.

The anger sits on the nose
rather on the tip of the nose
with the cartilage bloating
and the bridge rising
the nose twitches for no reason
as if it has smelt a treason
the mouth then enters the game
spitting out words lame
cursing images (45) and stinging all through
like to get away from such men
teaching them a lesson then
should be undertaken without fear
as otherwise they would go in a square.


The Windy Wind—- Music.

The wind is a song pleasing

with a breeze blowing gently

humming into your ears

passing through your face

making your hair fly

and you enjoy the soft blow,


The wind also is a song  of anger.

as a storm blowing fiercely

upsetting every other on the way

destroying the ambience

killing a few in its ferocious blow

devastating the lives of many.



The wind blows sad

with the haunting sound

penetrating through the trees

making the leaves rustle in melancholy

more or less echoing like a cry

as though emanating from the wilderness.




The bellows of the instruments

derive their music from the wind

with the flute and harmonica

along with the trumpet and saxophone

with clarinet and the Indian wind blowing

that work on the wind’s technique.



















A Man Cheated.

Away he went with seething anger
cursing everyone with a danger
swearing with accursed synonyms
calling for a consequence in an antonym
Poor man he being deceived by his siblings
deprived in the most of all his belongings
unable to retrieve them much he tried
had to relinquish them I feel afraid
as he has to stay in this world safe in a demure
fearing greatly that his remaining days would turn insecureangry man