cyclone disaster earthquake floods Poetry storm

The Whims Of Nature.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer (1)The cyclones and storms

the earthquakes and jolts

the rains and floods

experienced one after another

be it in South Carolina

be it in Afghanistan

felt in the  Philippines

all too soon and sudden

has left the world in  a shock

terrible to the flock

who have lost their houses

been left homeless and in desolation

the furious disasters have destroyed

the land is in ruins and rubbles

an aftermath of  a great tragedy

hard to set right with a mutilated  hand

the whims of Nature being  hard to predict.

exhilaration glory Poetry

An Inexplainable Story

It is a far away place

away even to trace

no one should know

away from the daily flow

the  sun should rise  late

lethargic and lazy of date

shine a little and hide a while

bright and dark in an alternative style

the wind soft and feather like

goes past striking the face  alike

could resemble a kiss and an embrace

chivalrously bestowed with grace

the rains should come like a sprinkle

a shower so light and petal soft  in a tickle

while I sit there besotted at the top

besieged by none of my worldly thoughts

just breathing and breathing out the fresh air

my nostrils swell with gusto as there be none to share

my mind traverses across in a flight of fancy

wishes to land nowhere but sail in a trance

an unexplained tranquillity prevails

as I gaze around quoting a hail

Hail To Thee, Nature in all your glory

an exhilaration beyond an explainable story.natures-glory-flora-ehrlich


The Sole Beneficiary

The wind blows forever
the moon basks in its glory
so does the sun shines
while the ocean roars
the river sings
as the streams flow
the mountains stand majestic
with the hillocks graceful
nature is wonderful
happy and joyful
the only eyesore
be man’s neglect
he spits and spews
draws and drives
chews and churns
his greed knows no bounds
yet he does with vigour
being the sole beneficiaryman spit.


Nature Revels.

When I have nothing to do

 I turn to Nature

 as it is always in the go

 has in it a regular feature

dawn and dusk to dark dawn, dusk, and night

 it rolls on every day almost

sun, wind or rain in sight 

 it revolves with a vigour most 

  seen with a bloom here 

 semblance of  a fade there 

Nature is never tired 

 unlike me who cries 

 for the trivia in a sob

 the heart sends a throb

 I sit there with  down cast eyes

 Nature smiles at me cheerfully

Of course, with no ties!


Nature is Bounteous.

Nature is bounteous
in rain and shine
the feel is tremendous
with the experience fine.

The rain copious
signals a thrive excellent
also a disaster when surplus
in the form of flood unpleasant.

The sun ever so kind
bathes the land with light
also fixes it in a bind
when it rages ferociously in sight.

The power of Nature is such
with growth and dearth
on one side it releases a prosperity much
on the other canadait drains the earth


The Natural Law.

A stretch of land lies ahead
once a green pasture
where cattle grazed long ago
a sight of greenery everywhere.

The land looks dead now
with no vegetation all over
strains of fissures on the soil
exposing the dire status .

The land stands an example
illustrating the nature’s unpredictability
where rains poured a year ago
experience a drought severe now.nature

As all things go with statistics
the weather also agrees with forecast
though not to the core in all
they largely align to the feasibility.

Have to pass on with a reference
where most have to get across
whether it be drought or flood
we have to pull through.


The Versification Subtle

versificationTeaching through poetry
being not easy as a song
that comes from the heart
set on its own tune and rhythm
not bound by any metric trend
be the way of many a poet.

Going rapturous over nature
with the beauty exhilarating
the rose calling you
and the trees beckoning you
could be clothed in verse
with a joy and with physical attribution.

Be not the same with the abstract
that of dealing with ideals exact
the verse come forth with a didactic note
enhancing the qualities that are to be adapted
leaving out those that are to be eschewed
there be a significant restraint and serenity around.

Each one writes differently with a style
likes not to be dictated by the famous
just being they are recognised
they tend to be authoritative in their approach
which the lesser poet likes not most
for being lesser does not mean poorer in skill and content


Pass and Pause.

The days go in a hurried  move 

I wonder why they move

if they stay almost so

be not in a steady go

it would be  great in the flow

as the leisure would be there

nothing to hurry and take care

else all would be lovely and  fair

as there would be no passing of the day

with the clock not moving in a way

the sun ascending lethargically  all day

as we slowly munch our break fast

while we sip our tea not in deliberate cast

sitting back leaning on a pillar all the more

with legs drawn straight to the fore

there we relax hearing nature’s song

the orchestra of the birds and insects playing

there we pass and pause with joy

Is that day anything near so as to enjoy?

if that be so close  and so near

I would remain in this land without fear8526e44957b763a76757221a962ee301








The Grand Master – Nature.

The drawings of nature

broad and great in stature

gipaintingve a colourful feature

that much for the rapture

considering the drawings otherwise

that of extracting her  in size

mostly of her goodness likewise

that of her bounties  and freebies

even after providing so much

she has not lost her glamour as such

she still keeps in  constant touch

with the humanity that has looted her in bunch

that be her unique benevolence

granting her a grand relevance.


Nature At Risk

Mountains are in crumbles 

Oceans are up in trembles.

Land has become a gamble.

Rivers are  in shambles

The land which grew grains

looks a desert without  rains.

Hills  which appeared magnificent

have lost their translucent.

The Seas which were soft

have risen up to great lofts.

The rivers’ were transparent

now express shabbiness apparent.

The cause for such situation

be found in the enunciation

where man’s greed is manifested

with every other resource being inflicted.nature at risk