A Call Out Of Curiosity

A call from a senior

early in the  morning

an enquiry about health

felt a cordiality in her voice

finally rested on a query a

my innocence is exploited

as usual by many persons like her

she comes up with  a curiosity

will, I participate in a function?

I smiled   and kept quiet

she knows well that I will not

why  does she put forth this question

I really do not know.



Rewarding it Would Be.

The early morning call

be it to the temple

not for me in all

for my cousin’s invite.


Never had risen so early  recent

not even during examinations

nice of it to see the morn decent

turned out to be a fascination.


The darkness still dense

the rays of sun not visible

free from pollution intense

away from the high decibel.


A drive through the town

the houses locked and gates fastened

could go fast without a frown

unnecessary to run in a hasten.


The temple was also free

so quick for the morning devotees

could pray with the mind in glee

rewarding would it turn to be?





An Urge

It is an urge

not in the verge

from the depth

grows in strength

ever  beautiful

looks wonderful

a love  to keep it fresh

green and lush

makes me over protective

I  am not a detective

do not mistake me as one

I like to nurture my passion

without any breaks and falls

well, that is my call.





Calls From Friends

Calls from friends

keep one in trends

erases the bends

traces the ends

a lovely talk on the front

emanates without a brunt

let alone the mad hunt

I do entertain those  conversations

compelled to consider the  inhibitions

I do them without any reservations

could be that in a total calculation

finally I go to the end

exchange with a send

not allow anything in a fend.voice_calling








A call I Make.

It is a call I make

a call I take

a call I fake

a call for the sake

calls without a break

keep me in a stake

promote a shake

fathomless  it is

inquisitive it appears

curious it stays

let it be of any magnitude

sholud 670px-Make-a-FaceTime-Call-on-an-iPad-Step-1-Version-5.jpg be serene in attitude


need Poetry steal worse

Worse Than A Steal

My phone rings

not a time

many a time

a convenience  thereto

the number being reflected

I rush to pick the call

the ring stops

I look at the number

seems to be very familiar

last, I know the caller

who calls me when in need

else,  never calls

not even to be courteous

such a pretext I do hate

such an action is hard to rate

most are similar

become familiar

when they require

otherwise, keep away

a clevercallness they feel

I think in a variant

it is absolute deceit

worse than a steal.

còast Poetry strength toast

Could That Be A Call?

A day ago

all in the go

started a show

call it a flow

could show

as you know

a trifle low

it could bestow

everything in a row

full and foremost

with a strength almost

away in the coast

more or less in a post

a grand  toast

so nice and new

I love them though few

a solid  intraface due

an appropriation  in lieu

an encouragemet in all

well,could that be a call?

heart. Poetry

It Is A Call

It is a call I hear
very close to my ear
all through the year
not one with fear.

It is a call I hear
it is not a call mere
all from the rear
one from the dear.

It is a call I hear
not one from the peers
it is one with tears
comes from near.

It is a call I hear
it sounds very clear
comes from my heart
well within my part.

Poetry Untimely.

The Untimely Call

The morning calls so often

makes me jittery

with eyes half open

get up hastily

stretch  the hands lazily

pick up with a reluctance

speak with no indulgence

whoever it might be

having lost the glee

the sleep early in the morning

and a wake up with a yawning

keeps me in cheer the whole day

lost now by this untimely call.

untimeliness in any way

provokes a fury all call


The Call Of Home

The call from home

rings frequent

a great trend it is

away for long  from home

a sequence  not usual

the warmth of its interior

strikes  through  in a cosy

the magnificent exterior

extends a loving embrace

found  missing in this sojourn

where the wish to see places

takes a fair part of the time

the most  important be

the time with own kin

reaches the saturation

that  in a fit of the moment

the strong firm whisper

knocks the ear in turns

holds the breath in a clasp

while the mind turns in a  thirst

to get back home in first.

call of home