Calls From Friends

Calls from friends

keep one in trends

erases the bends

traces the ends

a lovely talk on the front

emanates without a brunt

let alone the mad hunt

I do entertain those  conversations

compelled to consider the  inhibitions

I do them without any reservations

could be that in a total calculation

finally I go to the end

exchange with a send

not allow anything in a fend.voice_calling








Friends and Friendly

Friendship is beautiful
where there is give and take
an understanding is wonderful
with the sacrifice in the make.

Friends are in a general way
a breed different in all
with no relations in stay
the proximity receives a call.

Friendly goes the word in a song
a lively solicitation enters
the rapport blossoms so long
till the approach of banter.

Friends are friendly in nature
the friendship continues without struggle
sustains its lively stature
proceeds friends without any wriggle.

Actions Poet Politics.


Eating with friends is a party.
Eating the entiriety
is politics. entirely