Friends and Friendly

Friendship is beautiful
where there is give and take
an understanding is wonderful
with the sacrifice in the make.

Friends are in a general way
a breed different in all
with no relations in stay
the proximity receives a call.

Friendly goes the word in a song
a lively solicitation enters
the rapport blossoms so long
till the approach of banter.

Friends are friendly in nature
the friendship continues without struggle
sustains its lively stature
proceeds friends without any wriggle.


Friendship For Gain

The tendency of people nowadays
goes with a thought of benefits
that could be the cause of friendship
that would be the reason for affection.

Designing a character suitable
all being in an appropriate position
that too moving towards an abrupt destination
where the privileges abound in proportion.

The thought of friendship regardless of gains
looks like an age-old formality in the run
when people showed affection for the sake of love
expecting nothing in the background and at distance.

The expectation of profit yielding relation
proves to be an agnostic revelation
that small and tiny transactions
take the cue from commerce leading to a frustration.


Age Evolution Experience feelings friendship

Stages Of Friendship

I had a score of friends when I was small.
We played the whole day without a fall.
We played hide and seek in the hall.
We hid behind the big wall
Then came out in a crawl.

I had ten friends when I was an adolescent.
The memory of those days is still nascent.
We shared our feelings ebullient.
We enriched ourselves with references brilliant.
The aroma of that kinshiphide and seek is effervescent.

As I age my friendship narrows down.
My circle is almost five down.
Mostly I languish alone.
Now I propose a softened tone.
The days of noise are no more known.