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The Irking Deceit

Anecdotes make up a story.

Incidents formulate a fiction.

Qualities eke out a character.

An interlude of greedy manipulation  unfolds the basic integrity of a Man.

The man ,whom I like to cite, is a wee higher than a barbarian.

He has very less formal education.

He is a village product.

He possesses no etiquette.

He has inherited a wealth from his ancestors ,which keeps him going.

Rip him off his wealth, he becomes an incorrigible  rascal.

To crown up his notoriety, he recently indulged in a petty feud with his kinsman.

The relative had borrowed money from his brother, a decade back. Now ,the

 brothers have fallen apart.

Knowingly or unknowingly , the kinsman returned a part o the money to the illiterate hero.

The brother, who had actually lent money  warned the relative not to pay the money to the hero.

Ignoring the real lender, the borrower continued to pay the money to the other.

The Man  accepted the payment, fully knowing that it does not belong to him.

A  few months after , the kinsman referred his account books.

Alas! the truth dawned on him.

He ,at once rushed to the hero ,explained  the matter ,and asked his money back.

The greedy Man refused .

The kinsman approached through a common friend also, but the Man did not budge.

The kinsman and his wife got infuriated and cursed the Man to the core, invoking God’s wrath on the Man.

The undeterred cheat remains silent, unaffected by the fuming and fretting of the Kinsman’s clan, and unperturbed by the slander that encircles him.

He wants money,money  – nothing else.

What a Man he is?

What sort of brought up?

What kind of integrity?

What a fraud?

It is an outright sale of scruples for currency.



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Sing Song on Bickerings

Wherever you go,

To North ,

To South,

To East ,

To West,

Direct you to  bickering.


Wherever you sail,

In the Ocean,

In the river,

In the stream.

Embarks on bickering.

Wherever you  fly,

In Boeing,

In Jets,

In  planes,

In helicopters,

Lands on bickering.


Living amidst tirades,

Breathing amongst stench

Moving around  filth

Resting  on  defunct,

Implants bickering.



Bickering all through,

Bickering all the way,

Bickering all the time,

Bickering all the mode.

Bickering all the frame.


They deign inordinate,

They design irreverence,

They decipher incorrigible,

They develop irrationality

They discuss vandalism.


Eschew  the petty,

Discard the squabble,

Eradicate bad temper,

Erase  snobbish fuss,

It is a way to glory


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Weather And Temper -A Behavourial Study

Seasons affect your temper to a great extent.

A balmy breeze keeps you in sedentary mood,which includes peace and contentment.

A rainy day  instigates mirth and glee, which denotes a lovely spirit.

A windy  wind provokes fear ,which indicates awe and gloom.

A cool  environs intoxicate ,which marks a very high inclination.

A sultry weather dispels energy,which points out to extreme exhaustion .

A scorching heat  disorient the mind,which revels on dizziness and  frenzy.

The discriminations in climate have a telling  effect and an authoritative dictum on human behaviour.

We should not constrain to human idiosyncracies alone, but also  on the entire habitation outlook.

That which happens to man, responsively occurs on other living beings also.

Thus the climate plays  a significant role on the happenings of the world at large.

The summit on climate ,held recently, discussed ways to bring in a harmonic appraisal on global warming.

The output was not encouraging.

There was no consensus as  to the finality of seeking mehtods to eradicate carbon emission.

Much efforts by Obama, though at the last moment ,did  not produce the desired effect.

The world’s total indifference to the environment will lead to deterioration of the  climate.

In 2009 we witnessed ,earthquakes, floods and droughts ,in all parts of the world.

In 2010, with only 15  days of the calendar, there was7.0 magnitude of earthquake in Haiti, devouring 1000 lives, rendering thousand homeless.

The quick succession of such happenings  give us a shock.

We stand helpless.

We see  death.

We hear cries.

We feel the pain.

But we do nothing.


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Media Goes Wayward


Media has umpteen issues to look into, to analyse and publish, I presume and assume

Media also goes astray at times. It is no strange exception

Banks and Financial institutions flounder, accepted to a certain degree.

Electrical and electronic spheres falter, approved to a limited magnitude.

Hotels and Hospitals  deviate ,endorsed to a restricted dimension.

Consumer durable and infrastructure shiver,resigned to a  level.

Media slightly shakes.

Then there is a bewilderment.

There  arises a deep hatred.


A leading business daily from India has fallen off grace,after publishing, a series of posts, elaborating as how the Indian barons bring up their children,making it look appealing with the parents holding their children with pride. The parents beam in their best attire. Their progeny pose with a huge grin .


Parents beget children,not because they are rich, not because they are successful, not because they can afford.

It is an evolution , which is found in all species, whether they be a reptile, mammal, bird, insect or an imal

Each genre is happy of its brood.

A monkey clings to its small one so tightly, afraid of kidnapping,I suppose.

The bird takes great care of its birdling.It flies far and wide in search of food to its young ones.

The cat gets angry, if anyone goes near its little ones.

The dog gets ferocious ,if it sees a person nearing its offsprings.

Man also rich or poor , nurtures his child with utmost diligence.

Every parent aims to give the best to his children,

Every parent wants to st a standard to his young ones.

Every parent wishes to educate his children, beyond his means.

Every parent gives liberty to his children to choose the vocation as they wish.

Narayanmurthy and his beloved wife Sudha, the Goenkas, the Burmans, the Piramals , all begot children as any other parent.

Did the leading daily found anything supernatural in the birth of this affluent young ones?

They went to schools, perhaps in chauffeur driven limousines.unlike the less fortunate who went in bicycles,,bus,autos, or the least by walk.

They went to higher classes by taking the examinations.

The humbler would have gone to local colleges, not to Stanford, Harvard or Wharton.

They would have found employment, or set up a small business to earn their bread and ,unlike these blessed group,who will inherit a vast commercial empire.

The posts though it dealt in lenghth about the bringing up of these children gave a shallow study of their rearing,thus making nil sense.

When there are so many hot issues to cover, why did this cherished news paper publish such bizarre casts?



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Think Out Of Box

Mulling and mangling the economy takes a trial ride.

Well, what is it up to?

Sitting in the midst of all chaos , the  relegated decrying economy is struggling to survive.

Gold is a safe bet, call  the advisors.

But how many can buy gold at this level/

Stocks showed som improvement, but not a forceful ,aggressive one.

The liquid cash is not circulated enough to bring the standard of economy to salubrious reach.

What should we do?

Work , earn, save and sleep.

The investment in gold id not physical it is all in paper.

The paper is doing the mischief.

Buy gold today for $1158/ounce.

Tomorrow sell it at $1170/ounce.

You make a clean profit of $12/ounce..without spending a dollar.

This transaction has made the genuine buyer run away from the metal.

Suspend the future trading  for a few months on a trial basis ,all over the world, the markets will stabilise.

The trading on paper is akin to an imaginative artist who is capable to make the real unreal.

So that which does not happen happens.

Is this not a solution for this crisis?

Think in length .

Answer in short.

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Love Of Gold

Goldy Gold  is radiant,

With golden hue,

With yellowish shine,

With sparkling glow,

With glittering sheen.



Goldy Gold is spectacular,

With high price,

With daring demand,

With  excess buy,

With igniting range.




Goldy Gold is safe,

With secure investment,

With  overlapping surge,

With multifold value,

With magnified prescribe.



Goldy Gold is want,

With warm wish,

With  cordial  advance,

With  lovely incline,

With delicious impression.




Goldy Gold is precious,

Goldy Gold  is infectious,

Goldy Gold is gift

Goldy Gold is reward.

Goldy Gold is  but a commodity.



Destitute mind


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Destitute Mind

A bombastic speech,

A pompous behaviour,

A deriding look,

An inflammable anger,

Points to a destitute mind.



A sudden outburst,

A hurting remark,

A harmful delivery

An extreme impulsion,

Indicates a destitute mind.



A contemptuous  elucidation,

A sly  reference,

A  wounding anecdote,

An incorrigible move,

Directs to a destitute mind.






A fallacious idiom,

A severe misnomer,

 husky give out,

An imbalanced insinuation,

Leads to a destitute mind.



A  non distinct annoyance,

A vouchsafing derision,’

A willing destruction,

An irrelevant addiction.

Clothes the destitute mind.



A frivolous disparagement,

A cheeky admonition, 

A massive endanger,

An impromptu  deviation,

Sweeps the destitute mind.




Destitute mind unravels nervousness,

Destitute mind rejects sense,

Destitute mind  portrays  infirmity,

Destitute mind embodies  depression,

Destitue mind gogets zero.


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The Economy As It Looks

A close perception of the economy ,presents a vivid dizzy picture.

Economy has flagged off , on one hand.

Economy appears meek ,on the other hand.

There is a rise in the market trading, not a phenomenal surge, but a decent up.

The prediction that 2010, will be of great interest ,financially and socially should happen.

The commercial discrimination is highly vulnerable. The small prick here , a little distraction there will bring a catastrophe.

The economy fell a prey to the capricious.

It cracked due to  deceit.

The manufacturing spree did not tremble at any time. The economy was not subdued by the industrial  activity.

When the GDP was  3%, the investment was about80%.The haste in acquiring portfolios was so immense, that the intrinsic intricacy of the share value was missed. The buoyancy was overwhelming. When there was a slight ruffle, during the sub prime crisis, there was an even more emphatic movement in selling ,The realisation was only 50%.forcing the financial to fold.

There was no reading of the investment proposals. There  was no realisation of the input and output.There was only greed.

The dire quality of accumulating whatever comes in the way,  hoarding whichever intercepts, storing whenever possible , has made economy a falling pack of cards.

As cards fell, the situation went out of control.There was an ignominious splash, an incorrigible disaster.

Now, the economy has been dressed up with the stimulus package. The fractured body has been put in a cast.The tear has been stitched.

The performance of the stitch is yet to be known.

Will the economy survive  without the promptings of the bail out package?

It looks it will sustain .

It also seems, it will have many falls before it straightens up.

The future of the economy is in the investor’s hands more than in the administration.