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Love Of Gold

Goldy Gold  is radiant,

With golden hue,

With yellowish shine,

With sparkling glow,

With glittering sheen.



Goldy Gold is spectacular,

With high price,

With daring demand,

With  excess buy,

With igniting range.




Goldy Gold is safe,

With secure investment,

With  overlapping surge,

With multifold value,

With magnified prescribe.



Goldy Gold is want,

With warm wish,

With  cordial  advance,

With  lovely incline,

With delicious impression.




Goldy Gold is precious,

Goldy Gold  is infectious,

Goldy Gold is gift

Goldy Gold is reward.

Goldy Gold is  but a commodity.


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Destitute Mind

A bombastic speech,

A pompous behaviour,

A deriding look,

An inflammable anger,

Points to a destitute mind.



A sudden outburst,

A hurting remark,

A harmful delivery

An extreme impulsion,

Indicates a destitute mind.



A contemptuous  elucidation,

A sly  reference,

A  wounding anecdote,

An incorrigible move,

Directs to a destitute mind.






A fallacious idiom,

A severe misnomer,

 husky give out,

An imbalanced insinuation,

Leads to a destitute mind.



A  non distinct annoyance,

A vouchsafing derision,’

A willing destruction,

An irrelevant addiction.

Clothes the destitute mind.



A frivolous disparagement,

A cheeky admonition, 

A massive endanger,

An impromptu  deviation,

Sweeps the destitute mind.




Destitute mind unravels nervousness,

Destitute mind rejects sense,

Destitute mind  portrays  infirmity,

Destitute mind embodies  depression,

Destitue mind gogets zero.


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The Economy As It Looks

A close perception of the economy ,presents a vivid dizzy picture.

Economy has flagged off , on one hand.

Economy appears meek ,on the other hand.

There is a rise in the market trading, not a phenomenal surge, but a decent up.

The prediction that 2010, will be of great interest ,financially and socially should happen.

The commercial discrimination is highly vulnerable. The small prick here , a little distraction there will bring a catastrophe.

The economy fell a prey to the capricious.

It cracked due to  deceit.

The manufacturing spree did not tremble at any time. The economy was not subdued by the industrial  activity.

When the GDP was  3%, the investment was about80%.The haste in acquiring portfolios was so immense, that the intrinsic intricacy of the share value was missed. The buoyancy was overwhelming. When there was a slight ruffle, during the sub prime crisis, there was an even more emphatic movement in selling ,The realisation was only 50%.forcing the financial to fold.

There was no reading of the investment proposals. There  was no realisation of the input and output.There was only greed.

The dire quality of accumulating whatever comes in the way,  hoarding whichever intercepts, storing whenever possible , has made economy a falling pack of cards.

As cards fell, the situation went out of control.There was an ignominious splash, an incorrigible disaster.

Now, the economy has been dressed up with the stimulus package. The fractured body has been put in a cast.The tear has been stitched.

The performance of the stitch is yet to be known.

Will the economy survive  without the promptings of the bail out package?

It looks it will sustain .

It also seems, it will have many falls before it straightens up.

The future of the economy is in the investor’s hands more than in the administration.

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Iceland’s Nobility.

The Ice save scheme ,the internet arm of Iceland Bank ,failed in October 2008.

The Dutch and british savers lost their money.

The original agreement drawn between the affected nations and the failed bank  was rejected by the savers.

The Iceland government was put in a severe context, that it had to pass a referendum in the parliament,seeking each citizen to pay 12,000 euros,thus enabling the return of the money.

The 320,000 populous  of the island nation are penalised for the bank’s mistake, voice a few.

25%,of the people  have signed the petition, the rest have to ,though with strong objection.

This repayment ,will almost be at par with the expenses meted out by the central health services.

The nation is fuming and fretting .

The bill has been passed by a narrow margin.

The Icelanders have to pay till 2024,which amounts for 40%of GDP.

The economy of a nation is governed by a referendum.

A little amusing, but mostly sounds disturbing.

The population has to abide by the rules set by the nation.

The hard-earned money has to go to the treasury to save the nation.

Impractical and unintelligible,feel most of the Icelanders.

But ,considering the honour of the nation, they cannot sit back

Nobility has been forced down their throttle.

Yes ,greatness has been thrusted upon them.

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Live And Let Live-A Song

A noble thought,

A  lively desire,

A mild issue,

A fine spirit,

Is live and let live.



A plausible way,

A genial path,

A luminous constellation,

A bright radiance,

Is live and let live.



An indefatigable valour,

An invincible courage,

An undaunted attitude,

An impregnable enthusiasm,

Is live and let live.



A best philanthropy,

A  legitimate right,

A fabulous enthusiasm,

A direct reflection,

Is live and let live.



A gift divine,

A presentation celestial,

A show of mercy,

A stylish nonchalance,

Is live and let live.



Let us practise,

Let us imply,

Let us develop,

Let us assimilate,

Live and let live

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The Most Eligible Year.

The 2010 is the most eligible year, as it is born out of dense clouds, that castigated the economy,and deep uncertainty that hovered over the world .The year is being personified.

The unholy combination has evolved a year that would act reasonably ,that would perform marginally, that would linger exceptionally ,better than its predecessor 2009. The economic retrogradation has depleted the money power.The political instability has deprived the muscle power.These two mighty eternities have been infinitely towed down by the calamities .

Man has become cautious. Man has become prudent,. He has learnt again to save.

 The audacity to throw away money on anything under the sun has been mitigated, though not fully scourged.

The arrogance to enforce blatant attacks have been subdued,though not entirely ejected

The sweltering and the beating Man received knowingly or unknowingly has put logic into his mind. The diminishing strengths have constructed a different categorical record that ensues faith and humility.

The business standards have traversed through contemtuous passages. The year 2009  had showed an ugly depiction of the transactions..

 Fraudulent took the toll.

 Lies extolled over factual.

 Sly manipulations overwhelmed genuine transactions.

 In short, cheats succeeded, but got entrapped towards the end.

 Madoffs, Rajus, Rajaratnams, who rose high, who overpowered in wealth and might over counter businessmen, were handcuffed and put behind bars.

The year 2010,is bereft of all these shortcomings, as the defaults have been weeded, rather uprooted.

It has to bring in cheer and happiness.

Much anticipation is in the air.

Will the eligible year live up to the expectations?

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A Day More To Go

 A decade  is about to come to a close. The curtains are in the verge of reaching the bottom.The stage ,where all men and women  were performing their part significantly or irrelevantly, is going to be dismantled.

A fresh platform is pushed forward with enthusiasm and exaltation, with anticipation and apprehension, with determination and deliberation.

Some of the participants of the earlier drama would have left for heavenly abode.Certain others would have retired to the shelter, exhausted of the events. The balance are still in the arena exhibiting their talent and exercising their might to win over.

Again, the remaining, along with a new crop of  participants have rolled up their sleeves  to enter the fresh decade 20010-2019  with renewed vigour and refreshed power.The refreshment  comes from the fresh young activists ,who are willing to take the challenges as opportunities.

Yes, challenges need to arise, as they bring with them elaborate qualifications  and introspection.

Fleeing from the opposing forces is a cowardly reaction.

Facing them with an open heart, sincere effort and serene virtuosity ,,is the application that would be much rewarded.

The world is full of jugglers, wicked hearted,venomous minded, deceitful characters.I  should not ascribe the word “full’,at this juncture,but restrict myself to the term ‘at the most’.

Identifying the good from the bad, the innocent from the evil, the genuine from the sly, is a herculean task.

We have to have a keen insight, a clear vision and an exact precision to find the real goodness from the feigned illusion.

In practicality,the harm ,the devilish disarray,will  be appealing, as they show the path to reach the destination without difficulty.

The goal  will be within your grasp, but seem to be elusive. It is like a mirage. You jump, you try, you force to catch it, but it eludes you. The easy path has led you nowhere. You move towards destruction.

The illustrious withdraw from these provocations. They think not aloud. They decide not openly. They act not hastily. They progress not in vain. They attain the glorious status ,in measured steps,in modest movement.

So, as we embark on the new decade, starting with 2010, the year has a beautiful rhythm twenty ten,let us prevail upon rashness, let us control temper and derision,let us refrain from harm and evil.

Coming to the positive remarks, let us toil towards prosperity and progress, let us improve quality and credibility, let us empower  achievement and atonement.

Finally, a call ,most common uncommon, let us become more humane and more benign.

Shall we?


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Thrown Out Of The World.

It was a voluntary escapism.,as I took a flight to my second home Malaysia on 23/12/2009

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning.Unusually, the bumpy ride from Madurai to Tiruchi,turned out to be a joy drive.
We reached Tiruchi at 7.15 a.m, well in advance to the reporting time.After clearing the immigration formalities by answering few frivolous questions put forth  by ,  the scrutinising officer  “,when did you last came to India and through which port?”.The passport was in in his hands,with all the evidences in  black and white. I wondered , why do they ask such irrelevant questions. I meekly ,keeping my face like a dumb idiot , answered.Satisfied , with my feigned ignorance, he affixed the stamp.

The flight was on time. Air Asia  took off at 9.45 a.m. It was a simple flight with no frails and coquettishness..It gave the basic service. Food was served at cost. Beverages and snacks were also sold . The price was abnormally high. But ,as our flight was crowded with tourists who had brought with them young children, could not but buy the items at the cost quoted. If they gave a thought to the price, then their young ones would create a pandemonium  in the flight. Air Asiaa would have scored on this sale.

Reaching Kualalumpur  at 3.45 p.m, we got the immigration clearance  in no time.  We made our way to Concord Inn, near KLIA. Had a quick shower, and vegetarian Malay dinner. Waking up next day, early in the morning, we had a luxurious hot bath and a complimentary  breakfast buffet. Then we rushed to Putra Jaya ,to the immigration office ,to get our second home visa extended for another 10 years.We submitted the application, but we had to furnish three more formalities to procure the approval.

Driving towards Teluk Intan, our home town  in Malaysia ,we  experienced the heat and rain at the same time. We got home for lunch.Made a quick preparation, as I have to do all my chores here ,unlike in India, where there are trained personals to take care of the house and cooking. After lunch , dozed off in my couch. There was no sign of any life around me. The phone did not ring, the clock did not chime, the buses did not hoot, there was no clatter of utensils, no loud mouthed aides around. It was silence, silence all the way.

I rose from my siesta. I took the receiver of the telephone. It was perfectly dumb. The clocks have stopped working,and there was neither  buses in my road here.,nor domestic helpers to create a mess most times, or exact harmony at less times. It was only both of us , the husband and wife staring at each other,  

Truly, Teluk Intan is my second home, far different from the first,Madurai, which hosted me ,still nestles me with love and affectionThe second one has given me a partial shelter, in my fifties, nurtures and protects me from the taunts and trials of  my livlihood.It makes me more relevant , more appropriate and most meaningful.

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Ecofriendly Disorientation

The Copenhagen summit has concluded with compressed results.

The deliberations were not focused . Obama had to bring about a forced acceptance.

Most nations negated the proposal, put forth by U.S along with its environmental comrades India , China and brazil.

The climate change is due to the disregard  of nature .

The age-old customary affliations have been grossly rejected.

The area around us is totally eco distracted enmity.

A f ew years back , there prevailed a living close to nature.

Nature was worshipped.

Any dishevelment to the plausibility of Nature was considered a transgression, a sin , an aberration.

The life was simple. Electricity was used to the minimum.Most domestic work was done by hand.

The house was cleaned and mopped manually.There was no sign of Vacuum cleaner.

The flour was pounded by hand,the bread was baked in an oven worked with fire wood, the cooking was done in a stove also  by firewood. The pounding machine was a late advent. The micro wave oven and the electric stove were unknown .

Washing the clothes was a done by  scourging  with hand, washing and rinsing with water pulled out from the deep well.Washing machines did not exist.Electric motors were not thought of.

Bathing was performed with warm water prepared in a boiler  by igniting coal.Geysers were a strange product.

During cold winter ,warmth was exuded from the fireplace, again kept alive by the firewood.

Rice was boiled in an earthen pot.Pressure cookers and rice cookers were never heard of

Lights were lit at six in the evening. The big lamps were cleaned and filled with oil .at dusk.The thread was soaked in oil and at the stroke of six in the evening they were lit.

Televisions, DVD’s,computere were not reckoned . The pastime was the congregation in a community hall, where  events  like dance , vocal and instrumental music were held. Dramas were enacted with much adherence to reality.The stage was a simple platform devoid of blinding light and jarring sound.

There was no amplifier to louder the rendition. It was a deliverance of personal ecstasy.

People ate natural food, practised natural formulas, lived naturally, slept in natural settings bereft of aircons, room heaters,.

They eulogized Nature.

In turn nature blessed them with fortunes and heavenly bliss.

As man started to ill treat the environment, it also gave him back with built-in venom and revenge.

The Copenhagen summit thus ended in a fiasco.

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The Sunshine And The Sunset.

The marvels of nature  are  so many, that we hold our breath when we think of them.

We get agog when we see the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

The experience is so tremendous and terrific.

The fiery ball ,radiates illumination all throughout the day, specifically to a part of the earth, which propagates day light.

The other part assumes darkness ,and night is felt.

This is not due to the transit of sun , but to the rotation  of earth.

The sun rises in the east. The early hours of the day ,present a pictorial delight , which we miss as we lay cuddled in our cosy bed  unable to drive the slumber which wraps up profoundly in the morning.

The portrayal is most impressive when we perceive it from the sands adjoining the beach.

The rosy  round cherubic sun makes a gentle stride ,sluggishly takes a stroll in the beach.

Then ,gathers momentum,gradually rises up the blue ocean . The colourful realism is so overwhelming . The dark pink sun over the bluish overlapping tide , the brown sand in the forefront advances a dramatic indulgence.The combination of rosy pink, greenish blue and brownish beige sensationalize the spectator.

The delight is so bounteous that we get enwrapped by the divine beauty.We lose ourselves in the  enchanting manoeuvre.

The sunset also is equally fantastic. This time  a change of venue would be most attractive.

Let us settle in  the green hills, which exhibits  as the back drop.

Rubbing the eyes ,with a moist hand .we should get prepared to espy this celestial glamour.
The tired sun, after a twelve-hour shoot , is attempting to descend among the hills and hide its blinding light among the green vegetation.

It exposes a pale pink , with a tint of  mercurial glossiness. The  brown hills with dark green trees , are interrupted by  a steady  flow of  glistening water , pose a nestling place to the exhausted sun.

The hills throw a warm embrace and the sun nestles close to the rising platform, nudging its exterior  on the motherly mountains.

Here , apart from the presentation of grand eloquence of colour , we feel a transcendental experience .

This peculiar transit refers to  a godly assignment .

This blissful apparition diffuses us  .We rise above the earthly shortfalls , shirk vigorously from the mundane trespasses,.

A kindly graceful hand seems to lead us to the joyous heaven.

The experience is an  evolution of exhilaration