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Nature Legalises The Illegality

The natural disasters ,all throughout in the last few years ,is a terrible mandate cast by man’s insane radicalism.

The Chilean earthquake a couple of days back is of 8.8 magnitude.

The Haitian quake gobbled hundreds of thousands of people. a month back.

The Indonesian disturbance devoured thousands  a few months ago.

The floods also added to the misery.

These disasters forewarn the habitants of a further dangerous perils ahead.

If not taken seriously , a wash away of mankind is almost a reality in course of time.

The mourns and wails make us dizzy.

The cry and grief turns us melancholic.

The sobs and disaster render us mute.

yet life goes on.

The attack of nature is a reciprocal  to man’s misdoings.

His unmindful destruction of forests, unlawful reclamation of land from the sea, unjustifiable pollution of water sources, indistinct effort to castigate the legal ramifications have driven  Nature to act in vengeance.

Yet life goes on.

The seemingly visible reinforcements to protect nature are but a real chivalrous  momentum of reluctance.

The grand eloquence  displayed in summits and conferences is a bombastic preface that need real enforcement.

The indulgence in manipulating a string of chaotic  accentus to the harmony has struck Mother Nature with a strong blow,that a minor friction to the regular relation causes a terrible annihilation.

Yet life goes on.

The imprudent discoveries ,the unnatural inventions, the artificial impregnation, the violent turn from the accepted  norms  have marred the peaceful existence.

Yet life goes on.


The tortuous deeds, the polluted emissions, the usurping inclinations, the frivolous masquerades, the infirmities , the treachery, the ambiguity, the suspicion , that rule the land have bitten the equanimity of the natural environment.

Yet life goes on.

No attempt to reinstate the lost complacency is to be found.

No effort to reinforce the  principles that govern nature  is to be tracked.

No allurement to fatten tha already skinny bag of bones that dominate the world in its entirety is to be traced.

A shudder passes through the spine.

Nature is taking its toll.

God forbid!

A Stunt On Board.

Stunts  Gimmicks,  find the  day’s  shine

A humbug and impudence  create an outward galore.

Empty talk and haughtiness make a furore.

Thus being the situation,the world at large is being tremendously rocked by ostentation and snobbery.

The Health summit is an evidence of such enactment.

The environmental summit a few months back is another illustration of such  debatable


The time spent over these issues is a colossal waste.

The expense incurred towards  conducting such seminars is exorbitant.

Have we to indulge in such extraneous devices ,when there is global recession?

A point to ponder.

The Chequered Economy

The fluctuations in the market lead to an unrestricted peril.

The  frequent policy changes by the Banks add to the misery.

Small pricks  like hike in the interest rate to a trivial.25% causes a meningitis trauma in the Wall  Street.

Tiny piercings like warm welcome to the Dalai Lama in the white House annoys China, who sells its investment in U.S.bonds.

The nuclear armament  strength displayed by Iran angers U.S.

This squabbles sound like a  fight in the street corners.

The hub and din in the streets cause a  fumigation, that lead to massive burial of the vitality.

It is the trivia that scores over the essential.

A similar pattern is detected in the modern economy.

The policies do not hamper progress.

It is the controversies that proclaim scorn.

While scoffing over mundane issues , we lose track of the  eminence which  sinks into oblivion leaving the economy in utter  disruption.

The discomfiture exhibited in the economy parades a fictitious perception

There seems a high jump at times.

There occurs a dismal fall at times.

These extremes bring about a disgust that  pervades the whole ensemble.

Uncertainties ,gloom, disappointment and dejection  encircle the stratosphere.

When are we going to see radiance?


Little Do We Know

Who we are?

What we are?

Little do we know.



How we live?

Why we   believe?

Little do we know?



What we speak?

How we   sneak?

Little do we know?


How much we  feel?

What much  we  deal?

Little do we know?



What  much we cross?

How much we   engross?

Little do we know.



How to compass?

When to pass?

Little do we know.


How to navigate?

When to negotiate?

Little do we know.


Floating along the tide.

Flying above the  hide.

What little do we know?

The Inedible Counsel.

Controversies foreshadow truth.

Arguments destroy facts.

Criticisms scatter hostility.

Contentions eject apprehension.

Such was a lawyer’s argument in a court.

Lawyers get paid by their clients.

So they indulge in making distortions of ethics.

They convert  cold lies into hot factual.

They sell their integrity for  money.

They have to engage in such determinate proxies to keep their hearth burning.

There are  few counsels ,who honour their profession by not accepting such dubious cases.

As all good things could be numbered, this breed of advocates are  only meagre.

A lawyer ,whom I know , values money more than his profession.

He takes up the side which  has powers , knowingly or unknowingly  posted on them by their fathers.

The particular clan  crackles law, stumps truth, bowls  ingenuity .

To protect them ,they reach out to our lawyer, who responds to their call with great enthusiasm

The lawyer on topic , has forsaken not only his profession, but also his conscience.

Instead of advising them to work on meritorious execution, fuels their venom with his indiscreet   talk.

By fanning their greed, he gains.

Th e monetary sphere claims superiority that the matter enters the court.

Unnecessary  defects do occur , spoiling the sport .

The tranquillity expires due to such deceits .


Bail Out And Bonus

The stimulus package relieved the sinking companies from failure.

A good proportion of the tax payers money comprised  the bail out.

The economy slightly deviated from the fall to  look north.

The strain  experienced during this refreshing period  was  hectic.

The turmoil felt  while undergoing  the convalescence  was a discouraging  redundancy.

But before the tears could dry up, there happens an unexpected distraction .

It is that of disbursement of bonus to the executives of the companies which have utilised the aid by the way of stimulus.

Barack Obama has expressed his displeasure  about this issues.

Discarding the governments warning,bonus has been liberally distributed.

Obama has to condone this  inclination.

He has to take action.

Mere words would not create  a sensation.

The prime duty of the administration is to check this shell out .




Rehearsal And Art.

Rehearsals  imply a strict control .

Discipline ,sometimes ,are overwhelmingly  enlarged   which destroy eloquence. 

Practice makes things perfect.

The  staging propounds a success.

But rehearsals  do actually stub the spontaneity.

An extempore  attempt is thrilling .

The excitement is beautiful.

The presentation has a  full-fledged flow.

A spontaneous expression requires an alert mind ,a distinct thought and  a  deft  usage of the language.

The  mastery over the language  is a skill not many can meet.

Perpetuating thoughts,  coherent  speech or action, whatever it might be, the neat progress  of catchments, felicitous   expression underlined by fertile imagination develops a concurrence that could never be achieved in a rehearsed  depiction.

The practice , of course ,manifests a rigorous training  and a regular tutelage.

The creativity is in full bloom  during the at once portrayal.

Wordsworth alls Poetry as a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

So ,art  is the   intense  presentation of  fine experience .This hypothesis is applicable to each fine art, whether it be painting, music , dance,  or writing .

Poetry is the  finest form of creativity, that which holds the reader in absolute rapture .

Poesy fills the mind with eternal happiness .