Monthly Archives: June 2011

A River’s view

Oceans are mighty dark and deep,

With a lovely blue  fantastic seep,

Roaring incessantly in a beep,

Circling the land in a sweep,

Hosting a lovely charm to the peep.



River is a small sister to the sea,

With a clear crystal like water free,

Flowing mildly in a humble be,

Irrigating the land without a fee

Posing a gentle grace to the see.



The sea has extensive water salty,

The river has limited water tasty,

Whales and sea gulfs live loftily

Fish and tadpoles breathe  lively

A  life  of  small and big  around daily.



Rivers rise from the mount,

As small springs in the  fount,

Gain power and speed  in a count

Adding  strength as they dismount,

Presenting a cherished beauty  to the account.



The river travels through  rocks and lands,

Enriching itself with varieties of herbal strands,

Passing through  cultivated fields and barren sands,

Invigorating the soil to a rich  fertilised brand,

Making the toiling farmers  a happy band.

Man is Forging Ahead

The clouds show a darkening thick ,

The lightening exhibits a flash terrible,

The thunder evolves a loud blast deafening,

The vapours condense as watery drops.

Prompting the rains to forge ahead.



 Sports unveil a participation  bright,

 Elections display a competition stiff,

Industry portrays a process fine,

Education teaches a diligence great,

Compelling Man to forge ahead.


Justified progress is  true dynamism.

Moving forward quietly is ethical.

Working hard to earn is commendable,

Looking the other way round,

Counterfeiting  is a proclaimed anarchy.


Learn from nature which never pretends ,

Follow the animals which never frame,

Listen to the birds which never falsify,

Oh! man , you never look straight,

But indulge in falsifications .


Duplicating signatures is a fraudulent art,

Forging money is a grave disorderly business,

Selling unlabeled  goods is a wicked flaw,

Displacing identities is a callous theft,

Knowingly man commits all these falsities.


Reason is the sixth sense specially for human,

Endowed to him to realise right and wrong,

He uses them not rightly but wrongly,

Adding to  his already tainted portfolio,

Of lies, greed, fraud, and ambiguity .






An Ode to Frailty

 Saw a bundle of contradictions down the lane,

Men and women crossing the road in a bane,

Marking their  priorities in a plane,

Deviating from the set principles in a Wayne,

It is but a convenient turn from the approved   terrain.



Money lays the first bait in the frame,

Beauty follows  with an ambush in the claim,

Power overtakes the conspiracy in a  tame,

Fame hastens to hold the top in the name,

Strength yields to all these in a shame.




Hitting directly on the vulnerable spot,

Achilles heels was  the  credible dot,

Midas’s greed was the  invincible lot,

Hamlets’ indecisiveness  was the indefatigable slot,

Infirmity   drove a meek submission to the plot.




Frailty !thy name is woman calls the bard,

Men also  express weakness  in a way hard,

Lust entices all  like a magnetic band ,

Power corrupts all to a shameful stand,

Frailty wins over all to a freaky  fraud.

Alone in the Dark.

The night drew to a  dark,

Over there the stray dogs bark,

On the trees the owls hoot,

It was time for the boot,

Heard a  loud  thud   around 

The heart beat  in a fast  bound,

Two masked men moved slowly,

They spoke in a  noise lowly,

Shivering in the darkness,

Clasped tight the bolt  with firmness,

A blow on the door gave out a blast,

The door  was broke  open   fast,

In charged the men with masks,

Stealthily advanced towards their task,

Rightly  reached the safety vault,

Mustering courage   without a fault,

Took hold of a deadly  lethal weapon,

Dealt a hideous stroke on them thereupon.

Paralysing their movement to a still,

Knew it would be an action uphill,

No matter boldly slapped them  severely,

Blood oozed out  from their heads profusely,

As they fell down half dead,

Am I alone in the dark?

Nay, my mind was alert like a lark.





A Mental Block

Twinkling like a star up above the sky

Glistening like a dew down on the grass ,

Shining like a bubble over the blue ocean,

Strewn over as pebbles in the dry ground,

Thoughts prepare a lovely sketch on the mind’s canvas..


Alike the beauty of roses in the garden,

Akin to the innocence of the  toddler ,

Similar to the small stature of a sparrow,

Like the colourful butterfly  hopping ,

Ideas fresh and keen create a delicious sprawl.



The biting cold blizzard makes a puffing,

The dazzling white snow fall like balls,

The frozen ice delude the rivers as thick sheets,

The habitation  experiences a shiver in the winter,

The mind stands still like a lifeless vegetation.



Insights get stuck  as stumbling blocks,

Progress stagnates as water in a muddle,

Proposition falters as fall in a slippery terrain,

Significance eludes  as a  shadowy  gloss,

Deliberations   suffer a mental barricade.










The Fire on The Mount of Economy.

The red blaze atop the mountain,
Is like a beacon of light,
That rages in full velocity ,
Spreading its hot wings everywhere.

The fire fighters struggle to put off,
While the winds aggravate the burning,
The thickets of vegetation tumble ,
And the birds fly away in fear.

The economy down the land,
Is collapsing like the burnt trees,
The acronym fire denote three vital business,
Finance, insurance and real estate.

The paper based system has promoted no progress,
The Finance all around is in red like the fire.
Never heard of nations becoming bankrupt,
But has happened in this era of globalization.

Predictions are like a storm , very buoyant,
Beating the investor in full force.
To invest or not to invest is the question,
Perplexing the common man to the core.

Money value is depleting to the base like a dry river
Gold and silver are roaring like a tornado,
Housing is down in U.S but elsewhere rising,
The proportions are beyond comprehension.

Economists like the fire fighters are trying hard,
But the sway eludes their perception,
Wherein they are to plug the holes,
If one is addressed other pulls out.

It is like the nursery rhyme ,
Fire on the mountain run, run,
Making every other to get scattered ,
Ina wold of failing economy