Heart Loses its Tremor.

The days go by

encounter a lot of delays

unable to go about my way

it has been a lifetime

seen no rhyme

whatsoever, be it in wealth

be it in health

that is not all a strength

being a destiny I conclude

playing hard on me  rather rude

accept I without a murmur

while my heart  loses its tremor

well, it is to me all through.


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A Place Unknown

Had been to a place

unknown and unseen

being on of a remote

has its own strengths .


Away from the din

much far from the human

looks beautiful and untouched

pristine and pure.


The stream flows without a murmur

a gentle sail across without any hurdle

a lovely ride it proved to be

peaceful and quiet.


The grass around shines and gleams

not one has tread in recent

a brisk  walk to the other end

refreshes  and rejuvenates.


The trees appear majestic

their branches in a canopy

a sit under their shade

enhances and endears.


All the way it is sublime

the walk , the sight, and the rest

all being an experience of thrill

ecstatic and enlivens











Poetry thoughts

Climatic Violence.

Could hear the thunder

it is going to be a wonder

the clouds gather so quick

would it rain in a tick?

wait and wait for hours

what has happened to nature’s power?

stands it bereft of all strength

weak and frail to the tenth

the thunder slowly wanes into silence

rains retreat leaving a climatic violence.climate








Enchanting As it Is

The  lush green   meadows

shine with a lively gleam

leads to a fantasy  not in a dream

an explicit illustration not a shadow.


The eyes feast with a pleasure

the heart breathes in a fresh air

wish to roll on the grass as bare

a flight  much away from any pressure.


The cheeks turn pink with a glow

the face loves the wind that strikes it

the body is fully rejuvenated every bit

a quintessential strength gathers in a flow






The Will To Pursue.

The perseverance that counts

it is that which works

nothing would create wonders

but the will to do  really makes out.


This being nothing new on the whole

just a  quality that grows

with a strength  in the deal

time to get across in a heal.


The will to stand upright

whatever might be the outcome

along with the wish to work hard

would bring innumerable advantages.


The perseverance on everything you do

be it studies or research

or be it business and commerce

there you find a validity in your pursuit.


You might wonder at what I am telling

this being the experience in life

an endurance and a focus

that has made me what I am.


It is too late to achieve I felt

but have gained a solace in what I did

I stand assured that I have won

not greatly but to an extent.


This pride Perseverance -1has been with me since my birth

proud of my parentage initially

proud of my qualifications in my student days and after

now proud of what I have won to sustain.






Flower, Grass, Tree And Man

the flower blooms 

signalling prosperity

the grass grows thick

indicating fertility

the trees yield fruits

showing out their fecundity

the man  powers his strength

destroying the fellow human

the one or the other thrivesflower sman_and_nature_164025

not for their own

but to make others happy

while man gets stronger

turning his own breed unhappy

while tormenting the rest.

That is a flower

a fruit and grass

Well, that is also

the man at the last.





The Strength Of Water.

Rivers flood falling into the sea.
The sea in turbulence sweeps to the land.
The land stagnates and gets drownedwater hopelessly.
The water drags everything live and dead into the sea.


Who Be The Winner?

With the expectations mounting up
as the results are coming to close
one party feels it is high up
while the other watches close.

The one who expects much thinks great
feeling at the top of the world
while the other who has nothing to rate
keeps quiet in a striking fold.

Well, the loud spoken has high aims
as winning is by his side he thinks
while the soft-spoken remains tame
willing to accept anything without a blinksoft spoken.

The outspoken forgets the opponent’s strength
considering only his skill and tact
while the quiet one equals the other’s length
by exactly looking at the facts.

As we deliberate on the pros and cons
the results would have been flashed by now
not waiting anymore to see who dons
as the winner is whom we do not know.

Not keeping the suspense any more
let me come out with the publication.
Are you dying not to wait any more?
it is the quiet man who excels in jubilation



Small Becomes Big.

Going up into the sky
the little bird vanished from the eye.
It looked like a speimages (21)ck down from here
then it became a so small and disappeared.
How high the little one goes? made me wonder
Hoe tiny it is but flies higher and higher.
Amazed at the velocity with which it flew
and the speed with which it took off in lieu
made me stand aghast at the power of the little one.
Teaching me a lesson that small has to considered
The strength has nothing to do with size.
It lies in within the mind and the many tries
go ahead with a will and determination
making small big and big small.

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Solidarity Is Strength.

A unit high above the limit,

A family of ten children,

A task far above the capability,

Many with very little education,

An attempt much above the capacity,

Working out a schedule without lapses

A trial lot above the possibility,

Executed  with essential skill,

A show totally above the scope ,

Delivered  a programme with no ostentation,

Showcased  in unexpected  terms,

By performing in a disciplined process,

Displayed in an unassuming way,

That Reflected  no frills and frescoes,

Caught the attention of all,

Who sat gaping ,

Captured the admiration of every one,

Who looked dumbfounded,

Created a sensational effect extensively,

Forcing an appreciation,

Making the rich and powerful small,

Whose invincibility got shadowed,

Scourging the mighty to a petite,

Whose image lost its grandeur,

Scurrying the gigantic to a lilliputian,

Who got dwarfed all of a sudden,

Teaching a lesson in hardest form,

That solidarity  is strength .