The Eternity

Full of leaves  green
 no space in between
the hibiscus plant as seen
looks gorgeous with a gleam.
It  is in full bloom
 the flowers red  in groom
blossom with a liveliness
being so many and in a dense
They are dark and deep
grow they in heaps
being uncountable as they are
seem to be tender in a flair .
The red and green modulation
  present  a fascination
 both not soft in their décor
 very strong to the letter.
One fine morning to a shock
could it be one in a stock
 the leaves have fallen
 lay there trodden.
Being absolutely bare
 as if ripped off by a tear
 the plant looks desperate
being in a withered state.
The red and green solidarity
expose  now a disparity
a bubbling enthusiasm felt
turns disenchanted under the belt.
The transitory deals of the day
be it in any transactions in play
reveal the impermanence subtly
both in nature and in life invariably .

The Tell Tale Of A Flower,

Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I saw yesterday

so beautiful and  lay in a tower

held its head in pride all the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I see today

so withered and needs a shower

falls down dry and dead during the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the same flower on both the days

depict the different phases in a hover

the grace and the sag seen in the days.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower seems to tell us

the triumph and defeat of power

in terms simple almost in a buzz.


The Little White Flower

The little white flower

tiny and pure in colour

fragrant in odour

grown in my garden

the flowers are densely laden

buds innumerable  in a bound

know not which abound

the leaf all green and shiny

dwarfed by the  flower’s beauty

seem to be sullen and quiet

the buds shoot out in a cluster

illumine the environ with a luster

an aroma spreads all over

makes one to step out and hover

a breathe in and out could favour

the lungs with a great ease

while the nose inhales the fresh lease

the rejuvenation of the system is on the go

a pleasure  of a magnitude  to all around

a treasure of great dimension to the surround

the tiny flower known as Jasmine to the world

better known as “Madurai Malli” in Tamil words.









desert fresh Poetry quality water

Flower Of The Desert.

With water   I bloom

without water I blossom

I remain green whatsoever

always fresh however

could be my strength in a way

be my weakness in ways

I go untended all the time

yet I keep myself  in prime

could be my quality good

could be  my quality bad

I am a paradox  all the more

I have been so from yore

who am I? you would have guessed

I am a flower of the desert with a bless.flower of the desert

bouquet. garland Poetry Ramar Pichi

The Flower Called Ramar Pichi

The flowers white with red stripes light

bloom with fragrance every night

could I say for most  in the evening

spread an aroma  around almost stunning

the smell enters the nostrils

keeps us in a trance with its fill

the flower is not huge  in shape

very thin and fragile, soft and  slim

a joy  to twine them together

make a garland to God or rather

tie them into a bouquet  small

put them on the head carefully as not to fall

the way every Indian woman wears

that be the Ramar PichRama pichii in choice.

Poetry possibilty

The Theory Of Possibility

A drizzle in drips
held me in a grip
mind you the flower like
captivated an iron like
that too happens in a jolt
unexpected comes from the bolt
the petite girl pretty and mild
win over the man huge and wild
the heart firm and resolute
extends compassion absolute
the theory of possibility as seen
seems not very keen
fumbles with a slip and fall
differs from the writing on the wall.


Poetry silence sonnet

It is Silence

silent environmentThe greenery around

lush and pleasant

flower beds in a crescent

a brook with clear waters  found

lies  there a suburb  with an abound

a population very decent

clean and clear is the environment

all  convenience great and sound

all be so with a rhythm and rhyme

yet there lacks a charisma

could not be explained in the ordinary

the silence occupies the prime

appears like an unobtrusive enigma

where life assumes a slot not primary.


The Dainty Flower

It is a dainty flower

lovely and tender

gay it looks

beside a brook

being very small

it looks not tall

catches the eye

crucially with a sigh

not one of heave

but of sieve

goes into the heart

strikes with a start

transcends into peace

joins together all pieces

of the mind and thought

to a totality found anew

Indeed! a genuine renew.

flower dainty


Through The Lens

The flower blooms
with a lovely fresh loom
seen through zoom.lens


Honey Being Sweet.


Honey is sweet everyone knows

it is also slightly bitter many do not know

depending on the source of the collection

everyone should know.

The bees go round the garden

be that of any field for that matter

selecting the best possible resource

setting about with an indulgence.

Sitting on the flower blooming fully well

protruding well ahead from the stalk

the buzzing bees settle strongly on them

pulling out the maximum from the pollens.

The busy bees do go above the branches

that come out of the fruit trees

invariably mango, neem and tamarind

that grow in abundance in the tropics.

The honey from these trees

have a tinge of bitterness and sourness

that which being natural in the fruits they bear

having a potential medicinal value.

The honey that being gathered

get deposited in the racks made by man and nature

where the Queen bee does the extraction

while the honey starts dripping.

The story of honey related the task

that being not sweet as it tastes

quite exasperating as it is seen

yet serving mankind with good cash and kind.

Honey being a word referring to sweet heart

the sweetness ascribed to it comes after a task

an analogy crosses the mind know not why

that true love too comes after serious deliberation.