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Flower Of The Desert.

With water   I bloom

without water I blossom

I remain green whatsoever

always fresh however

could be my strength in a way

be my weakness in ways

I go untended all the time

yet I keep myself  in prime

could be my quality good

could be  my quality bad

I am a paradox  all the more

I have been so from yore

who am I? you would have guessed

I am a flower of the desert with a bless.flower of the desert

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Green Goes The Theme.

greenshade.Green takes the cue from nature.

Greenery  presents a beautiful aperture.

Greenish hue illustrates a lovely feature.


The dark and deep forest looks green all through.

The ups and downs in the hills encircle greenery all  through.

Green fascinates every one all through.


 An encomium to the colour green marks  the show.

The  greenish  tinge enhances the glow.

The excellence of the colour green entices all in a flow



The shades of green are different and delicate.

The characteristics of green are impressive and  invigorate.

Greenery enlivens the environment elaborate.  













Compassion desire Evolution Experience feelings fresh Interpretation Message Poem thoughts Wish

Myriad Inclusions.

myriadA message it was

spreading peace and love.

A message it was

calling for unity and understanding.

A message it was

intending to bring cheer and comfort.

A message it was

inviting good will and harmony.

A message it was

rendering help and assistance.

A  message it was

looking out for happiness and joy.

A message it was

proclaiming  victory and triumph.

A message it was

expressed in poetic felicity. 

sent across during New year’s eve. 

A message that wishes

an unflinching attention.

A message that seems

to  be a gospel.

A message that pronounces

truth and reverence.

A message that reverberates

all throughout.








Actions Beauty Enlightenment Evolution fresh Interpretation learning Lesson Life style Theory thoughts

The Style.

It is a style of living.

It is a lively visualizing.

It tells a lot of the being.

It is an honorable cruising.


The style gives a count.

It writes up an account.

Tells us about the deals paramount.

That adds up to the surmount.


The style  reveals the person’s  identity.

It portrays the scope of his  individuality. 

It measures the scale of his  virtuosity.

It discerns his  nature with an assiduity.


It is the style that makes a man.

It is the style that calls him a gentleman.

It is the style that hails him  a good human.

It is the style that makes him a creditable man.





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A Liking For Fresh.

Anything fresh is delicious.

Let it be freshly plucked.

Let it be freshly prepared.

Let it be freshly worn.

Let it be freshly included.

Let it be freshly displayed.

Let it be freshly painted.

Let it be freshly written.

Let it be freshly spoken.

Let it be freshly pressed.