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The Gooseberry

An episode I recollect

makes me both happy and sad

it is one of my childhood  in fact

about  the gooseberry both good and bad .

Gooseberries bloom in December

relished by  all, old and young

the salted ones take the cue of amber

while being delicious  makes one strong

Gooseberries are  a storage of resources

replenish vitamins and iron profuse

the small round fruit is silky, not coarse

hard for anyone to refuse.

Gooseberries represent a quality  less

not too enjoyable  as the one  physical

referred to a muff and the brainless

know not how this came into being.

That day in school long years ago

a friend of mine broke down all too sudden

as a reference had hurt  her ego

interrogated her  to know the reason.

After a time, she came out

in between her sobs said with a whimper

she is a gooseberry all throughout

as to her dearest pal’s quote

Gooseberries that command merit

play this role in the abstract fare

there are two sided to the coin  of credit

one isfresh-indian-gooseberry-867055 fair other turns bare.


An Ode To A Mango

Eating the mango with salt
was our favourite dine
adding little chilly would halt
any one that passed fine.

Mangoes hanging with a glossy hue
thick green when not ripe
golden-yellow when fully ripe in true
tasting delicious with a juicy wipe.

From childhood mangoes held me in sway
The bitter taste enslaved the tongue
and never missed eating one each day.
Raw ones had a special status in the rung.

The yellow fruits shimmered like gold.
Peeling off the skin so light and tender
and cutting the lascivious fruit in slices bold.
slipping one after one into the mouth forced a surrender.

Raw or ripe mangoes have a grip
Old or young men become slaves.
The mangoes are no more cheap
The desire to eat mangoes 6657702-golden-yellow-mango-isolated-on-white-backgroundimages (30)would last for ever .


The Cone

it was a cone
looking like a bone
brown in tone
packed with ice cream
filled up to the ream
it was a strawberry gleam
smacking it happy
made the tongue tipsy
and the throat freezing
The cone was crispy in the out
and delicious in the inside
giving it a tasteful trend
and an enjoyable blend.images (16)

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A Liking For Fresh.

Anything fresh is delicious.

Let it be freshly plucked.

Let it be freshly prepared.

Let it be freshly worn.

Let it be freshly included.

Let it be freshly displayed.

Let it be freshly painted.

Let it be freshly written.

Let it be freshly spoken.

Let it be freshly pressed.



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Siesta Lovable.

A siesta in the afternoon is delicious,

Medical professionals call it malicious,

It is not to the liking of the adventurous,

It kindles laziness people say in vociferous,

It is seen  clearly as health hazardous.


It may be so to most of us,

To me it is enchantingly rapturous,

A nap in the mid-day is fabulous,

Releasing a refreshment salubrious,

Enabling the system to work harmonious.


It has become a routine  obvious,

Missing it once becomes tedious,

The enchantment felt is infectious, 

Does it sound outrageous?

Does it look hilarious?