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The Moon Glows

Landing on the moon

the man fell in a swoon

for mankind it is a boon

an achievement  in tune

a small step to him

a giant leap to his team

the world looked with awe

as he took the moon stone raw

an enthrall it was to all

as he blew the whistle in a call

well, moon holds a delight

displays a pristine blue flawless sight

it is an adventerous episode

which still rolls out a holdThArmstrong

many more explorations have followed

yet the initial one rocks with a glow.

The Moon And I

The moon peeps through my window

as I set the head on my pillow

I stare at her devouring her beauty

she  returns it with a glare pretty

the whiteness is pure without a blemish

it was a flawless hue all whitish

I lie down contemplating  quietly

the moon shines lavishly

I refrain from closing the window

for fear of losing the picturesque glow

how long I was  like that I do not know

could be till sleep overwhelmed me  in slow.moon

The House That Would Be

corridorsmother of pearlA spacious house it would be
if designed with an eye on an alibi
of halls opening into corridors
of long passages with massive doors
in turn letting to a vivid grass
where long stretch of rose beds cross
rooms with windows on opposite sides
promoting ventilation without any slide
holding furnitures of teak and rosewood
decked with inlays of mother of pearl in a brood
While the doors execute a chaste reference
the windows induct a brisk inference.
as the walls stand out with murals
of value and tradition describing the medieval
fittings of light exude a warmth and rectitude
adding up the grace and glory with a beautiful. attitude.