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Rain Or Shine.

Rain or shine

both come in a line

they are fine.

Shine or rain

both come without a strain

do not feign.

It is shine

emitting a deal of light

to  a great height.

It is rain

flowing through the fields

very lively indeed!Rain-or-Shine-Logo_No-Text_Web-Header

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The Song Of The Sunshine – By A Rusty Rustic

The sunshine is bright they say

it is bright  as always.

The sunshine is radiant they say

it is radiant as always.

The sunshine accelerates growth they say

it accelerates as always.

The sunshine is eternal they say

it is an eternity as always.

The sunshine nourishes they say

it is a nourisher as always.

The sunshine kills als they say

it kills when it is in excess.

The song of the sunshine is  mellifluous

it is melodious as the sun.

To sing a song of sunshine

I need to shine myself.

If not I would look rusty and rustica year of glory

besides the powerful sunlight.

aspirations Poetry

The Day In A Shine— Allegory

A day begins with a shine

ends up in nine

sees a lot of turmoil

culminates  in a coil

the expectations of the day

springs up in a way

as the day progresses in a velocity

the enthusiasm  turns a curiosity

Would it be possible? One contemplates

nay, it only exists in a template

some say it is an effort all diligent

I say it is is an attitude reticent.

Yes, the day shines and fades

so do the aspirations rise and recedebeach_sunrise_opportunity_poster-r64f13046aae04ad3b77757c0ade840a1_wzk_8byvr_324



It Is One Of Joy.

It is a beautiful May morning

the sun is in its full strength

could see  the joy around in full length

the eyes of the children are sparkling

while they go up and down in the swing

they count the moves up to the tenth

they sigh and let out their breath

as they go high up all giggling

it is a pleasure to watch them play

not they know beyond that

a momentous rejoice it seems

an experience that stays for the day

not bothered of any other thing after that

peace transcends subtly in a seam.

children in swing.


Manhattan I Saw.

I had a dream

it was full of gleam

wonderful fascination it was

but in a  quick toss

the reality dawned fast

opening up in a cast

the place that came often

now shows up in a soften

which was beyond imagination

has suffered a repercussion

appears tattered and worn-out

famished and spent out

the streets look chaotic and shoddy

shine through with a gaudy

walls all black and mossy

the entire Manhattan  bustles

with subdued  ripples

the vociferous talk around

now assumes a weak sound

gone are the days of domination

financial district has lost the rumination

the spell  spread  a few years back

been there for almost a century in track

slips into a meek disoriented  fade

a course none expected in the least

yet that be one of a fall in a heat

as Manhattan seems now in  tone

a commercial entity without bone

Oh! it was a shock to me all along

as my stay ends up with this sad song.



Nature is Bounteous.

Nature is bounteous
in rain and shine
the feel is tremendous
with the experience fine.

The rain copious
signals a thrive excellent
also a disaster when surplus
in the form of flood unpleasant.

The sun ever so kind
bathes the land with light
also fixes it in a bind
when it rages ferociously in sight.

The power of Nature is such
with growth and dearth
on one side it releases a prosperity much
on the other canadait drains the earth


Music Makes Me Mad

Listening to music keeps me fine

taking the tense away  with a shine

as I lend my ears to every line

my heart goes out to the words  in nine

leading me to forget to dine

as I throw my soul into it  in a bind

not knowing what is happening  in a wind

I sit totally enraptured and become blind

not literally but metaphorically   in hind

with a throb and an advance in kind

I lose myself to the nuances of music

as I revel and rejoice  in its delicious mystic.Ravi Shankar dies at 92






Rain And Shine

With the rain and shine

 coming  as though in nine

 rowed up in  a straight line

 looking very closely  fine

 he called me to  grand dine

 gave me a glass of delicious  wine

tole me it was  mine

asked me not to  cry and pine

ended zine.up greatly in a zine



Beauty leaves. Poem

A Leaf Talk

Leaves bright and erect
talks about weather correct.
Leaves green and shining
tells us of the binding.
Leaves fluttering and jostling
invite us to a celebration dazzling.
Leaves possessing medical ingredients
grant us a cure for most ailments.
The disposable we talk of now
were seen in leaves years before.


Actions Experience feelings Poem sleep

Sleeping Is A Blessing.

If sleeping is busy
what else is not busy?asked my friend

Getting this thought in mind
wanted to obtain a find.

Sleep to me comes
when I know not.
I lie down in the morn
have a siesta in the noon.
take a nap at dusk.
sleep soundly in the night.
Work all day makes you busy I told him
Sweating and perspiring makes you dizzy.
Sleep all day makes me busy said I.
Refreshing and relaxing makes me shine.
Well that be my goal all through the days
and none need frown at me everyday.