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The Curry leaves,

The coriander  plants 

 shoot out green leaves 

on all seasons without fail

 greener during rainy days 

paler in the hot months 

healthy  most of the year

spotted they  turn 

when rains fail 

 bloom profusely  with cheer

 spread a pleasant smell all over

 collect them every day 

 they  being  an ingredient 

to season and supplement 

 the diet with aroma and iron 

Lovely they look when cooked 

Lovelier they seem 

as they dangle  in breeze 

 great is their value in regular terms 

 greater they stand with heads high

when tagged with medicine .

Simplicity overwhelms  gracefully.

Essential they are for preparation.

Cheap and best in diction.

brushed aside wholly by most 

held in esteem by a few

like to sing their praise 

commend their value 

with a fervour and passion

they do  carry  voluminous refer  

with a coy bright decor.




curry leaves tree

Tribals Taught.

With a great thought
and with ideas well taught
started on a project
focusing on a lively target.

The target being a tribe
who lived in a hide
away from the world
knowing nothing about word.

Tried to teach them words
making them identify the birds
which they shoot often
perhaps striking them in ten.

Made them write the name of the weapons
which they deftly used in defence.
They did write with great interest
This being the way to kindle them from rest.

Then took the theme of food in a step
They ate them raw without any prep.
Showed them how to cook in simple terms
Gave them an introductory lesson in tone firm.

Had interactions great and small with them
Getting them accustomed to learning without a tremble
Gradually they learnt to read and write
that being an accomplishment tribalsvery bright,

A Passion On The Fore.

garland of deep rose.Passion takes the front seat with much pride.

Making all others slide back in a hide.

It tries to embrace all the sides

while standing up like a guide.

It forces one to strictly abide

by releasing an emotional  tide.

The writing patch renders a lovely glide

allowing a smooth ride.


The wordy expressions give a beautiful  insight

by decking the experiences into a garland  bright.

The  narrations  are sometimes light.

The explanations  most times reach a height.

The descriptions open out a picturesque sight.

The authenticity is never a question right.

The imagination ascends above in the wings of flight.

On the whole writing is a passion not to be taken slight.