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The Sale Of Curry Leaves.

Curry leaves green and  aromatic

Grow in rows systematic

Reach up the heights

The plant is slender and light

Abound in my garden at the back

Th vendor comes with a sack

Plucks the leaves so fast

Not a single leaf is lost

Stuffs the sack to te full

The filled ones look like a bull

Bulging on all sides  unviably

Lifts each one with ease

The weights strike a tease

One enormous  sack weighs very less

Perhaps a few kilos  in test

Pays a paltry sum in the end

Lifts the curry leaves with a bend

Walks with a real freight

A good bargain all straight.


The Curry leaves,

The coriander  plants 

 shoot out green leaves 

on all seasons without fail

 greener during rainy days 

paler in the hot months 

healthy  most of the year

spotted they  turn 

when rains fail 

 bloom profusely  with cheer

 spread a pleasant smell all over

 collect them every day 

 they  being  an ingredient 

to season and supplement 

 the diet with aroma and iron 

Lovely they look when cooked 

Lovelier they seem 

as they dangle  in breeze 

 great is their value in regular terms 

 greater they stand with heads high

when tagged with medicine .

Simplicity overwhelms  gracefully.

Essential they are for preparation.

Cheap and best in diction.

brushed aside wholly by most 

held in esteem by a few

like to sing their praise 

commend their value 

with a fervour and passion

they do  carry  voluminous refer  

with a coy bright decor.




curry leaves tree