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Writing on the Wall- Part Two

Occupied mostly with mundane chores,

Missed the call of my son at the door,

Running here and there in the peak morn,

Brushed aside the cry of the little don,

Preparing hectic for the day’s ordeal,

Forgot the little one’s important deal.

He demanded a paper to scribble,

I gathered  myself into a crucible,

Relaxing in the couch  with closed eyes,

Getting restless he cast the dice,

Took dozen crayons to the beautiful wall,

Unaware of his attempt I cuddled like a deflated ball.

He drew images large and small,

Making his father look tall,

Figuring me as a  petite dame,

Himself as a bright boy to name,

The colours red , black and blue.

Made the wall resemble a gaudy  true.

The white wall became a canvas pretty

To the little one’s  imagination dainty,

His world consisted of three,

Father, mother ,himself  in a spree,

Stealthily he walks across to me,

Reclines in my lap like a gentle be.

Writing on the Wall

Forests are thick and dense,

With wild animals  treading  hence,

Lions , tigers ,wolves , bears roam,

Over the ground marshy and loam,

It is dangerous to go alone,

Is the writing on the wall’s tone.

Land is large and extensive,

With people wicked and oppressive,

Frauds, villains treacherous,deceits loiter,

Creating a terrible disaster,

It is a diligence to move  about,

It is the writing on the wall’s shout.

Economy is caught in the midst of  turbulence

With the currencies depleting in value  of  reference,

Manipulation, greed, misappropriation, cheat are agog,

Implicating a pleading insight to  an economic fog,

It is a deliberation to  business,

It is the writing on wall’s resonance.

Glancing on all potential cautions,

The desire to live becomes a notion,

Reflecting on the  goals of future,

Life has to go on with a closeted nurture,

Intimidating is the clairvoyant call,

Which is the writing on the wall. 


Child Like

Witness to children’s quarrel,

Saw them roll like a barrel,

Heard them shout  and cry,

For no reason why?

Pulling each others ‘hair,

Screwing one another’s’ ear

Bashing,slapping and hitting ,

It is nothing but violence.  

A few hours later,

Saw them in a close quarter,

Playing merrily in the garden,

Jumping across the fence laden,

With closed bars of iron,

Hugging each other with love,

Holding hands as friends,

Smiling ,joking and cheering,

It is nothing but affection.

I was a witness to that,

I am a witness to this,

 I know not what it is all about?

I assume it is child like.

Yes, Children teach us,

To be simple and true.

An Ode to Cough

The mercury is rising high day by day,

Humidity sets in with  great sigh,

Alas!air cons and fans struggle to cool the sphere,

Brought in by torrid warmth all through the rear.

Perspiration kindles a discomfort in bounds,

The body gets sweltered by the fiery hounds,

An unusual breathing stifles the heart,

As the phlegm in the lungs strikes an onslaught.

The persistent cough comes in quick succession,

With a bow-wow bronchitis eruptions,

The phlegm rolls up the throat  like a ball

Knocking at the respiratory track in frequent calls.

The congestion strikes the vocal cord harshly,

The incessant cough nettles the laryngitis deeply,

A reddish tinge  and an excruciating pain emanates,

As the patient is in a terrible  turmoil stagnates

The Quest For Gold

The Yellow metal soberly,

Has turned the stones briskly,

By  rising gradually ,

To shoot up suddenly,

In a  buzzing move  graphically,

To an unassuming level sporadically.

Today it races ahead,

Tomorrow it will  behead,

But the thirst will spearhead ,

A  demanding   price spread ,

Soliciting a tumultuous  thread,

That of  an imposing  surge dread

Gold is into a spectacular momentum. The rise in prices ,in the past three years, is unbelievable.

In 2007 the price of gold was between $639-$833. The year 2008 saw a volatile trend-$826-$908-$1003-$727-$869.Gold crossed the $1000 mark on 14/March/2008.
There was a slight upturn in the price of gold in 2009. The price change was significant. $874 -$956-$1059-$1137-$1212-$1087.
2010 was the year of gold. The up swing was very effectively felt. The price ranged from$1121-$1093-$1245-$1388-$1415-$1405 .2011 saw a steady rise.
There was a  slight dip in January /28/2011-$1311.On February/1/2011 it crossed 1400 once again. Then on, it never turned back. It is now trading at $1476.

Gold , now, behaves like a social currency than a commodity.

Gold is a safe haven, an edge against any economic, political social or fiat currency crises.The stock market collapse, the currency failure ,burgeoning national debt, war, unrest make gold a worthy investment  .It is also subject to speculation by futures contracts and derivatives.
Changes in sentiment than changes in annual production effect gold price..About 2000 tonnes go into jewelry or industrial , dental production and 500 tonnes go to retail investors and gold traded funds.
Currencies are under severe stress. We print  paper money to pump money  into the economy, making  it less valuable.
India is the largest consumer of gold ,consuming 27% of the world  production followed by china and U.S
The prise of gold is also affected by artificial price suppression arising from fractional reserve banking and naked short selling.

The traditional way of investing in gold is buying gold bars. Large gold bars carry an increased risk of forgery.Gold coins are common way of  owning gold. Exchange traded funds and gold certificates are less known methods of investing in gold.
Gold has value but no return. Stocks have value and growth. The latter is a preferred instrument ,when there is political stability. Investment in gold come to the mind  during recession and war.
Stocks against gold , a study,  reveals that holding  a prime company’s share valued at $1450 yields a better revenue than owning  an ounce of gold. Stocks earn while we own. Gold earns when we sell.Some valuable stocks have doubled , while gold rise is between 40%-50%.
Gold is the most speculative commodity. In 1980, its price was $1000 , a few months later it tumbled to $850 and finally rested on $300.
The common belief is that gold has a “real “value.

Real is a relative word. What is real? It is that what we eat.It is that where we live.It is that which we share. It is that how well we sustain.
The time well spent with children, with friends, imparting valuable education to our offsprings  and making the world into a better living place are worthy investments which will reap more value than gold.
The value of pure gold  diminishes , but the value of good life enhances.

A Dead Man Lives

A man is dead a decade ago,

He still lives in the form of his  ego,

He feigned simplicity while living,

Know not why he desired wealth after dying.

Does not it sound quite  contrary ?

Nay not it looks real contradictory,

Living want more to hold – comprehensible

Dying long more to hoard-incomprehensible.

The will of a testator is a documentary evidence,

Reveals  his  wishes and   implantable  reference,

Dividing  his estate among the beneficiaries  ,

 By imposing   fair and justifiable decrees.

This specific testator of talk,

Kept  himself  the entire block,

Delivered them to his executors,

To  carry out his  last wishes and  orders.

The testament  is interpreted different

In countries of his  estates inherent,

Bequeathing  to sons in one land,

Endowing to grandsons in the other land.

Whimsical as it may appear to all

Mischievous in real  sense to call,

Rendering a laborious legal  toil,

To sort out the entangled coil.

The dead man is   turning in his grave,

Recalling his wishes in a save,

He is dead for long in body,

He is alive till now in his “Last Wills”  body


No More Mad Rush

Gold is lying over there uncared for!

Gold is strewn over there  afar 

Gold is found in heaps and piles ,

Gold is thrown out  like broken tiles,

Gold  lies untouched by anyone,

Gold  brings lust to none,

The yellow metal lies  dormant and idle  

The shining commodity  lacks sheen and bridle,

I go on with my untrue   false ramble 

I wish it becomes a  truly real preamble.